MiEco Bamboo Hair Brush

Bamboo Hair Brushes are becoming more common and recognised as a better substitute for your average hair brush, but what makes bamboo stand out from the rest? Using a natural bamboo hair brush helps to give your scalp a gentle massage therefore increasing blood circulation which stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss. Using a bamboo brush regularly helps to promote healthy, strong hair (which is what we all want, no?) and restores hair balance with a natural shine.

The lovely people at Go Green at Home generously sent me two brushes to consider – an adorably cute travel sized brush and an average size.

Bamboo Brush

The first thing that I noticed when I began my morning ritual of attacking my angry, tangled hair was how easily it glided through– it took less effort to brush knots out and due to the fact that bamboo is quite light in weight – it wasn’t heavy and didn’t drag my hair. It’s incredibly gentle (perfect for little one’s sensitive scalps) and doesn’t cause the dreaded hair static.

It’s also worth noting that Bamboo is anti-bacterial, stronger, lighter and more durable then wood, more water resistance and is naturally biodegradable where plastic is not.

RRP – Large Brush – 22cm long x 6.5cm wide – $17.95

Small Brush – 17cm long x 5cm wide – $9.95

Stockists – Visit www.gogreenathome.com.au for stockist details

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