UGears Mechanical Puzzles: A New Kind Of Relaxation

The choice of UGears 3d puzzles gives a chance to unite the whole family and friends for a pleasant activity. It is a unique opportunity to combine entertainment and practicality. Besides the interesting construction process, you receive a great accessory, which is suitable for any interior. UGears mechanical puzzle as a design element has a very valuable feature in the modern world – it is handmade.  

Key Benefits of UGears Mechanical Models

UGears has a multi-year experience and a great number of satisfied customers (around 28,000) all over the world, whose reviews you can find on the official website (

UGears wooden puzzles are famous for:

  •  High-quality natural materials. All mechanical models are made of high-grade eco-friendly wood and plywood. The used materials are safe for your health and ensure the durability of every model.    
  •  Convenient assembly. The construction process does not need any preparations and additional instruments like scissors and glue. Everything you need is a table, your hands, and enthusiasm.  
  •  A wide range of patterns. The company provides 3d wooden puzzles for adults, teenagers, and kids. The difference between kits is in a difficulty level. In addition, it is possible to find a mechanical puzzle according to your interests. UGears proposes a great collection, which includes:  
  •  Mechanic systems (Stem Lab Curvimeter, Dice Keeper, Wheel-Organizer, Stem Lab Counter, etc.)  
  •  Automobiles (Roadster VM-01, Dream Cabriolet VM-05, U-9 Grand Prix Car, etc.) 
  •  Transport (Flight Starter, Research Vessel, Stagecoach, Combine Harvester, etc.)  
  •  Buildings (Tower Windmill, Railway Platform, etc.)  
  •  Accessories (Hurdy-Gurdy, Amber Box, Treasure Box, Globus, etc.) 

Why UGears Wooden Model Kits for Adults

The choice of UGears assures you not only quality 3d puzzles for adults and kids but a high-class service as well. The company guarantees:

  •  Free shipping  
  •  Wholesale  
  •  Warranty for 1 year 
  •  Money-back assurance (for 30 days) 
  •  Detail replacement 
  •  Packaging service  
  •  Gifts and promotions  
  •  Standing customers support  

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