Do Clip-In Extensions Damage Hair?

Clip-in hair extensions provide you with an instant solution to many of your hair problems. They transform your appearance by adding length, volume, and thickness to your hair. But if you’re considering clip-in extensions for the first time, it can be challenging to determine whether they’re really right for you. This is totally understandable, given the many myths surrounding clip-in extensions.

One widespread misconception about clip-in wefts is that they can damage your hair. You might have seen photos and social media posts featuring embarrassing clip-in extension fails. But is it actually the extensions to blame for those fails, or is the damage a result of another underlying cause?

Here’s the scoop on whether clip-ins are safe for your natural hair. 

Improper Application and Failure to Care for Your Extensions

Any hair damage after wearing clip-ins has little to do with the extensions and more to do with incorrect application and the failure to care for and maintain the wefts. The fact is that clip-in human extensions are actually your safest bet. From among all types of extensions out there, these are the least damaging.

In fact, the best clip-in hair extensions, such as ZALA hair extensions, are straightforward to apply and remove. Unlike permanent extensions, you don’t need to go to your stylist to install or remove clip-in extensions. You can quickly remove them even a couple of hours after putting them in to give your natural hair a break.

Also, your hair extensions require special care, just like your own hair. Make sure to follow the best practices for washing, brushing, and storing your extensions. With proper care and maintenance, these extensions will not expose your natural hair to any risks and damages. 

Are you still undecided? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common concerns, so you can rest assured that clip-in wefts are actually a risk-free option when used and maintained correctly.

The Clips Can Pull Your Hair Out


High-quality clip-in extensions will not pull your hair out. For example, ZALA clip-in hair extensions come with clips that are super safe for your hair. The small and well-built silicon backed clips are light and discreet. They provide a strong hold and are easy to clip-in, which means they won’t pull out or rip your natural hair. 

These extensions come with multiple clips on a single weft, so the weight is evenly allocated. This feature ensures zero damage to your own hair. Some extensions even come with small rubber strips on them to prevent the wefts from slipping and even improve grip on your hair. 

Sleeping With Your Extensions On Can Damage Your Hair


Sleeping with your clip-in wefts could indeed be damaging to both your hair and the extensions, which is why we always urge users to remove their wefts when heading to bed. Rolling around while sleeping will pull your hair and apply pressure on the clips. This could cause hair breakage and even result in patches of hair loss in the long-run. 

The best thing about clip-ins is that you are free to give your hair a break whenever you want. And it takes no time. Simply snap open the clips one by one and carefully remove and store the extensions before sleeping. That’s it! 

Clip-In Wefts Could Cause Traction Alopecia


Clip-in extensions will not expose you to traction alopecia, except when you wear them in a very tight pony over extended periods. It is better to be safe than sorry, so we recommend avoiding wearing any type of hair extensions for a very long time. It’s a good idea to wear them on special occasions, like a big night out. If you do want to wear extensions frequently, you might try to alternate between styles, such as wearing a ponytail or halo extension in between wearing your clip-in wefts.

Remember that all types of extensions will apply some strain on your hair. But the best part of using clip-ins is that you can remove them to reduce extended tension on your locks. In case you want to use clip-in extensions often, consider buying a lighter and shorter set of wefts to minimize any tension on your hair.

Clip-In Extensions Halt Hair Growth


Clip-in wefts won’t prevent hair growth. In fact, many women wear these extensions after getting haircuts, so the hair can grow to their preferred length. And until that happens, they can continue to wear their extensions and still achieve their desired look. Make sure to follow the tips given above to prevent damage to your hair, and rest assured that your hair growth will not stop while using clip-in hair extensions. 

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