BOOK CLUB: The Silence

The Silence is a short novel written by Don DeLillo.  It is a quick, easy read with an eerie, strange feeling that captivates you throughout the book. 

2022, Diane Lucas and Max Stenner are waiting in their Manhattan apartment for friends to arrive for their Super Bowl party. Tessa Berens and husband Jim Kripps are flying home to NJ from Paris to attend the party but don’t make it as their plane crash lands.

It is a miracle that all passengers survive and with minor scrapes.

Martin Dekker, one of Diane’s former students, is the only guest to arrive. Without warning the entire world’s technology systems shut down. 

Silence begins as no one can use any electronics, are in complete darkness with no idea what is happening, and no explanation given. It is a pandemic which raises anxiety for those that are so dependent and rely so heavily on the internet and phones to function.

People are forced to look at their lives and have conversations with each other, reflect alone and separate from an online persona to who they really are.

This book will make you think about how you would react if technology shut down. Our smartphones, laptops, and other such gadgets have become a part and parcel of our lives, things that we somehow cannot live without.

For me it was a good reflection to look back on my childhood free of computers, mobile phones and all that generations have today, it made me appreciate my freedom, creativity and playing outdoors even more.

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ISBN: 9781529057096 / Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia

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