BOOK CLUB: Wood For The Trees

Wood for The Trees by Ian Belshaw is an easy read with characters you can relate to.

Luke Barkley has an obsession with old-time bushrangers.  He can only see the romance of their lives and disregards the fact that they were simply lawbreakers that stole and often killed innocent people. 

Luke decides to live his life as a modern-day bushranger and follows the lead of bushrangers from the past.  Things don’t go quite as he had planned and he begins to see that perhaps this lifestyle was not as romantic as he had thought. 

His good upbringing starts to cause conflict with his bushranger life…but he is in too deep.

wood for the trees

Stephen Owens has spent his life as a police officer and finds himself hunting down this modern-day bushranger.  As he becomes more involved in the case he also has personal concerns for his marriage. 

Somehow things are just not the same. There is a breakdown in communication between him and his wife that he decides he will work on and repair. But, he sidelines that until after he captures his criminal.

As Luke and Stephen’s paths finally cross nothing goes the way either of them wanted or expected.

This was a story that was a great weekend read.  A story that’s very real.  I felt that I understood exactly where both main characters were coming from.

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ISBN: 9781922444011 / Publisher: Shawline Publishing Group

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