Top 7 Things We Always Forget

How often do you notice that you are moving on autopilot? You wake up in the morning, you jump in the shower, you scoff down breakfast and maybe pack a lunch. Then you head to work, do your job for eight hours before coming home, scoffing down a dinner and heading to bed again. Over and over you do the same routines, the same patterns, and yet every single day is different. 

All over the world, people wake up expecting to continue their regular routine, but then they forget something critical in their daily routine. Let’s explore seven things that we all forget at some point or another!

Blue Petaled Flowers

Removing Labels

There you go, rocking an awesome new work outfit and then Janice from Accounts pulls on you and in front of everyone announces that you have clothing tags hanging out of the back of your dress. The problem is that she does this ten minutes before it’s time to leave, so you’ve been walking around all day sporting tags. Great

Feeding The Fish

Such small creatures, fish are often forgotten. They’re so easy to take care of that you can forget they’re even there! Of course, they’re not going to die with missing a morning sprinkle of their fish flakes, but it’s very common that people forget!

Car Keys

You’ve parked the car, you’ve opened the door and got out and closed it behind you. Standard behaviour until you realise the car keys are still in the car! Car locksmiths can get you back into your vehicle, but what an interruption to the day. Try and put a sticker sign on your dash to remind you!


Sounds gross, but a lot of people live by the mantra of, “if it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.” While we’re all for water conservation, leaving it to mellow can create some smells that you don’t want in your house!


Leaving letters to be posted out on the kitchen table is SO common. You may even forget to collect the mail from the mailbox outside your home, and that’s right there as you walk up the driveway!

Taking Medicine

Whether it’s blood pressure meds or birth control, pills are one of the easiest things to forget in the morning. Given that you rely on them, it should be a no brainer that you remember to take your pills – but it does happen!

Turning Off Hair Appliances

Curling wands and straighteners are commonly left switched on in the morning rush, and this is probably the most dangerous thing that you can forget. Put a poster on the inside of the front door if you must, but don’t leave a fire hazard openly heating up your home while you’re at work.

There are hundreds of other things that we humans forget day to day, but these are seven of the most important. Quick, go and switch off the curling wand!

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