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Garage and driveway safety are such an important consideration when you have little people in your life. It only takes a split second for a life changing event to occur.

2018 is the 20th anniversary of Dreambaby® and they are marking the milestone with new initiatives; including a campaign that sees Dreambaby® join forces with the Georgina Josephine Foundation (GJF) to help highlight the dangers around driveways and garages to children.

The Georgina Josephine Foundation was set up, in part, to prevent and reduce unintentional injury or death of children caused by lowspeed vehicle run over accidents. The foundation was established in 2011, after Peter and Emma Cockburn tragically lost their baby daughter Georgina, at 15 months old. Peter, a builder, came home from work and was reversing his builder’s trailer into the garage of the family home when tragedy struck.

Garages are used for much more than just a place to park vehicles; they are used for storage and as a workshop as well. All of these functions pose very real risks to small children. The only failsafe way to keep children safe in the garage is to ensure that they aren’t in the garage.

Dreambaby® have an amazing range of safety products to help keep your children safe in and around the house and garage.

We sent a small selection of products to some of our members to trial. They are great products for the garage but they would work just as well inside the house.

Dreambaby® StrollAway pram hanger (#256) RRP $39.95

Prams are an invaluable addition to the household when you have little children but they aren’t really used at home so it’s important to have somewhere safe and out of the way for storage. I don’t know about your little ones but mine love to climb in if it is sitting around, then there’s the risk to fingers from catching. A great way to store the pram is with a Dreambaby® StrollAway pram hanger, you can hook it to the back of a door inside the house or up out of the way in the garage.

Dreambaby® Ezy-Fit Door Knob Cover 3pk (#908) RRP: $8.95

Securing door handles is a fantastic way to help keep children safe because if you can stop them getting into the rooms where dangers lie then the risks are immediately greatly reduced. A simple and tool free way to secure door handles is with the Dreambaby® Ezy-Fit Door Knob Covers. These are easy to install on most round door knobs and the best bit is there are no tools required. These can be used to prevent access to bathrooms, laundries and garages as well as any other room in the house with a round door knob.


Dreambaby® Multi-Purpose Latch (#126) RRP: $6.95 Dreambaby® Angle Lock (2 Pack) (#133) RRP: $7.95

Dreambaby® has a great range of locks and latches perfect for use in the house and garage to secure cupboards, cabinets, toilets – the options are almost endless. These are easy to install and require no tools.

Children learn by watching, and if yours are anything like mine they work this sort of thing out pretty quick. If you use a wide range of different locks and latches that use different locking mechanisms it will take them longer to get through the defences.

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5 of our members with little ones will be testing out these products and you can find out what they think in the comments below.

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