How to Create the Perfect Therapy Space

It seems like everyone’s dream these days is to be their own boss; no one to answer to, no one benefiting from your hard work, and the warm satisfaction of your own success. If you can run your business from the comfort of your own home – even better! With life getting busier and busier, demanding more from us than we have to give, sometimes we just need to take a time out – a breather from all that noise and stress, and what better way than an hour or two of much deserved pampering? A new hair style, a massage, or a set of gorgeous new nails? Why not!

So, you want to work for yourself from home, and people do need pampering – surely this is the perfect combination for a successful business? Well, if you like the sound of working in this sector, and you are prepared to gain the relevant qualifications as well as invest in essential equipment such as massage tables, you can earn a healthy income, whilst improving the wellbeing of your clients and have more time and energy to dedicate to your family.

Choosing your Room

You want clients to flock to you because you are offering a great service, in a clean, relaxing space, and at an excellent price, so first impressions are important.

Pick your treatment room carefully; think about what you like when you visit a high street salon, and try to recreate that at home. It needs to be light and airy, or one that can give the impression of being so, with an easily accessible door in order to avoid people tramping around your house. For the same reason, there should be handy toilet facilities. It would also be great if it were away from the noise and bustle that a busy family creates.

We have seen really successful home treatment rooms with manicure tables set up in people’s garages, extensions, and even in separate garden rooms, but we have also visited some equally professional looking salons in people’s spare rooms.

The next stage is to design the interior, creating a professional, yet welcoming space for your treatments. 

Designing your Space

Your salon has to provide a professional space for you to work in, but at the same time, give your clients a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Finding that balance is not always easy, however – colour schemes and furnishings have to be carefully selected.

Natural colours work well, but so do stronger tones, such as deep purples, and greys. Different textures break up large flat areas of colour, and again, natural materials work well – a bamboo wall hanging, or living plants can provide interest, allowing both light and shade to add to the effect. Lighting is crucial, and needs to come from several sources, ideally including natural light in some way – this could be muted through muslin, or frosted glass, or more direct, but either way, it can provide a useful sense of wellbeing and relaxation for your clients.

Depending on your line of work, you may also require a more direct light source. Manicurists and nail artists need a useable ultra bright light, maybe even a spotlight, in order to see in close detail what they are working on. For massage therapists, the light can be more defused, providing a soothing, intimate space. Once you have decided on the décor, the fun begins…

Equipping your Salon

Now you can choose what goes into your amazing new space. It is important not to overcrowd your room with needless furnishings, so the first task is to make a list of what is necessary in order to carry out your treatments efficiently. Once again, this depends on your business, but it is likely that you will need a desk and chair, a variety of shelving and storage solutions, and a table – this is crucial if you plan to carry out massages, or manicures, in your salon. Natural materials, such as sanded and waxed wood, work well with most colour schemes, and by bringing the outdoors in, gives a sense of peace and calmness. Warm coppers, clear or blue glass, and pale raku fired pottery can provide gorgeous accents.

Once you have decided what you need, you can relax in your beautifully designed salon, and toast to your forthcoming success.

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