2017’s Top 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

The end of 2016 came with countless predictions as to what 2017 would look like in the world of cosmetic surgery. With surgeons and social media moguls alike all making their predictions that Brazilian butt lifts and holiday treatments such as Turkey breast augmentation were going to be big this year, it looked like it was going to be a big year. But has that really been the case? Have the predictions turned out to be true? We’ve decided to take a look into the top five most popular cosmetic surgery treatments of 2017 so far to find out.


Dubbed the world’s fastest-growing cosmetic procedure, Labiaplasty demand is growing by about 45% each year. For those of you that haven’t heard of Labiaplasty, this surgery is a procedure that girls all over the world are undertaking to change the appearance of their reproductive organs. This procedure is used to reduce the length of the inner folds on either side of the vagina, and girls as young as nine are even seeking out this cosmetic procedure. It’s heartbreaking to think that girls this young are truly distressed by the appearance of their vulva, but the numbers speak for themselves. Over 200 girls under the age of 18 had this procedure on the NHS, and more than ¾ of these girls were under the age of 15. However, this procedure does have uses beyond appearance chances. It can help reduce punching, chafing, and even sores that are caused by excess skin, ultimately increasing comfort.

Non-invasive ear pinning

It’s becoming increasingly common for men and women alike to seek out some kind of procedure to fix their ears. Whether they’re asymmetrical, they stick out too much or something else entirely, people of all genders are finding themselves more and more concerned by the appearance of their ears. Earfold® is a procedure that doesn’t require the same level of surgery that ear pinning in the past has required. Incisions along the crease of the ear are a thing of the past, as the quick 20-minute procedure that is taking its place requires only one small incision under local anaesthesia and a few dissolvable stitches, meaning the downtime for this procedure really is minimal.

Nipple reductions

Breast and nipple adjustments aren’t anything new in the world of cosmetic surgery, but 2017, in particular, has seen an increase in women looking for a procedure to make their nipples smaller. This ties in nicely with another trend relating to smaller breasts being popular this year. Lean, athletic bodies are ‘in fashion’ this year, and the cosmetic surgery trends are loyally following. Thousands of women can be seen on their Instagram accounts at the gym, showing off flat, toned stomachs and smaller breasts. The rest of us want to join in on that trend – and some of us are seeking out surgery to make that happen.

Bigger Bootys!

True to predictions, bigger bottoms are an even bigger thing this year compared to 2016. While there was a spike last year in the popularity of procedures such as the Brazilian Butt Lift, it had continued well into 2017 and potentially even beyond. The reason? Is it so hard to guess? With celebrities in the public eye undergoing these treatments and flaunting perfect figures, women all over the world are wanting a piece of the perkier-butt action.

Walk-in, walk-out treatments

Quick treatments with minimal recovery time are soaring in popularity. 9 in every 10 facelift patients are opting for treatment while under local anaesthetic rather than the general procedure. This means that their recovery time is significantly shorter, with most being able to walk out within a couple of hours. There is no need for hospital stays for cosmetic surgery in nip-and-tuck treatments. More and more are becoming available under local anaesthetics, and this paradigm shift is only working to increase safety and comfort, all while reducing recovery time.

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