Ask an Expert: How to get Salon Curls at Home (with Paloma Rose Garcia)

The Moisture Protect Hair Straightener from Philips will get your hair silky smooth, with less chance of breakage.

It feels gentle on your locks as it has specially designed moisture plates which are less likely to cause any damage. This straightener will never overheat which gives your hair the best chance of looking shiny and straight!

It is a stunning tool in sleek white with accents of rose gold colouring. The RRP is $139.

We have Philips brand ambassador, Paloma Rose Garcia with us to show us how you can get salon worthy curls with the help of the Moisture Protect Hair Straightener.

Read on to find out how:

At Home Hacks For Gorgeous Salon-Standard Curls

There are so many techniques out there to get gorgeous curls, so find the one that works best for you. You could braid your hair, and run a flat iron over it to get tons of volume and body, or follow these tips that differ for each hair type and texture. If your hair is naturally very curly, do a smooth blow dry for a looser curl and apply a smoothing balm to instantly eliminate the frizz and flyaways.

If you have finer and naturally straighter hair, you can opt for tighter curls by using a smaller curling wand and grabbing smaller sections of hair. A great tip is to bobby pin each coiled curl to your head right after your curl it and let it cool in its place. Once you’ve curled your whole head, release the bobby pins and separate your curls with your fingers.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Creating Perfect Curls

1. Apply a thermal protector through freshly washed hair and add a volumizing product through the root area

2. Using a good hair dryer, blow dry hair with a medium round brush until it shines

3. Part your hair to the desired side

4. Take 1.5-inch section of hair from around your face and using a good straightener, clamp the section in at the root vertically to 360 degrees

5. Start to spin and pull the straightener out to the ends, to create a glamorous wave

6. To ensure your style lasts, give the wave a quick fix of hairspray, making sure you do not spray too close

7. Repeat around the head, grabbing random 1.5-inch sections of hair

8. Brush the look out from roots to ends. Shake look out with your fingers to add messy texture and give it a final fix of hair spray to ensure it stays the way you like it, all day

Keep Your Hair Protected With These Quick Tips

  • When using heat to style hair, always apply a thermal heat protectant throughout, concentrating on the ends.
  • Spoil your hair with masks and treatments (ideally 3-4 times/week depending on how dry and fragile your hair is) to replenish the hair’s hydration.
  • Use the right shampoos and conditioners for the type and texture of your hair. If your hair is fragile and thin, you shouldn’t be using strong and highly concentrated hair products.





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