Reading Wrap-up for February

Another month is over, we are now into March and that means Summer is over for another year… but someone forgot to tell the weather.

February saw me take a step back from Beauty and Lace in everything except the book category. A hectic start to the school year with a new high school student and preparations for our new addition meant I didn’t want to over-commit myself. It may not have helped me prepare for the new level of crazy but it certainly helped my reading numbers and I’m only two reviews behind so that has to be a win.

My desire to read one book off my bought wishlist didn’t quite happen in February but I think that’s because I was trying to get ahead with book club reads and be organised so that when the household grew I wasn’t overwhelmed with a to-do list that I couldn’t get done. At this stage I have an interesting TBR but I have already read the two March book club titles and only one of the April ones has arrived so perhaps I will manage to get a couple ticked off the list this month.

Last week I welcomed squishy little bundle of newborn gorgeousness number 4 to the family so I’m running on even less sleep than usual and my big plans to read and feed have gone out the window because I have reviews to catch up on. So I will be a little scattered and a little behind for a while so that I can adjust to my new role as mother-of-four, and try to keep on top of everything at home. Reading will certainly be the priority.

So my February reading looked like this:

Total Books I read in February: 10
10 Female authors/ 0 Male author
10 Fiction novels
10 print/ 0 digital
Books in a series: 1
5 stars on Goodreads: 6
4 stars on Goodreads: 2
Books that qualify for AWW2017: 6
Books for B&L Book Club: 5

No digital reads again in February, except for the bonus scenes I received with my pre-order of Katie McGarry‘s Long Way Home. I do have the latest Claire Boston on my tablet waiting for me so hopefully I will get that read this month, it was a January release.

Mainly 4 and 5 star reads on Goodreads, one wasn’t on Goodreads but would be a 5-star, so my least favourite would have to be Country Roads, which was a good read that I enjoyed but it just didn’t blow me away.

Choosing a favourite is not going to be much easier but if I had to choose… Long Way Home and The Mother’s Promise. I am going to stop myself there or the list will be too long.

Book Club reads, half of my reading was for book club to keep on top of things which means I have read our March books as well as catching up on February. The reviews coming in are interesting and the one to watch will definitely be The Golden Child because it is getting some very mixed reactions.

Anticipated reads for March are hard to call. I haven’t got a lot on my desk at the moment and I am not sure what is coming up. I should take another leaf out of Bree’s book over at 1girl2manybooks and make a pile of what I plan to read for the month and try to hold myself accountable. I do have the upcoming Natasha Lester on my desk that I’m looking forward to, and I’m expecting the next Fleur McDonald. The new Kady Cross looks good and Our Own Private Universe by Robin Talley.

That’s about it from me for now because I have lots of catching up to do.

Happy Reading… and we would love to know what you have read and loved this month.

Book List with review links:

Long Way Home – Katie McGarry
Running from the Tiger – Aleesah Darlison
The Last McAdam – Holly Ford
The Mother’s Promise -Sally Hepworth
In At The Deep End – Penelope Janu
Lost Girl – J.C. Grey
Close Enough To Touch – Colleen Oakley
Country Roads – Nicole Hurley-Moore
The House of New Beginnings – Lucy Diamond
The Golden Child – Wendy James

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