Month of Love: Goodness – Every Day Cream Cleanser and Every Morning Moisturiser

With Valentine’s Day in the middle, we declare February is the month of love at Beauty and Lace! Every day we will be writing about a hair or beauty product which we love, is new or ridiculously pretty. Today we kick off with Goodness Natural Beauty Lab, and I am cheating already because I am featuring two products from the brand. But, in my defence cleansing and moisturising go hand in hand.

Starting with the Every Day Cream Cleanser, you get apple extract, chia seed, avocado and coconut oils as key ingredients in a cleanser you can use regularly. Even though it is a cream formula it isn’t too thick or rich. It doesn’t dry out your skin and gives you that fresh clean feeling.

It is packaging in a mint green tube at 150ml with an RRP of $16.95.

Follow this with the Every Morning Moisturiser and you are all set. Once again this has a nice consistency and blends into your skin nicely. The key ingredients include bilberry, hibiscus extracts, chia seed, avocado and coconut oils.

This comes in a light pink tube at 75ml with an RRP of 16.95

There are a few other things you should know about Goodness Natural Beauty Lab. Their favourite ingredient is chia seed oil and they do not test on animals. The packaging can be recycled, the products are biodegradable and they don’t contain any parabens, petrochemicals, PEGs, sulphates, silicones, or harsh surfactants.

The products are made in New Zealand. And, their product descriptions are clever. For example the moisturiser suggests, “Apple to clean face. Admire your awesomeness (and check your teeth for kale).”

Clever and cute packaging, no nasties, no animal testing, affordable pricetag and products that feel good on your skin – what’s not to love?

Check out their website at

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