Innovative Wedding Photography Trends

Steven Duncan is an award winning photographer based in Adelaide and operator of SvenStudios – Adelaide wedding photography. He is doing some interesting things with the use of technology, and shared the following article with us about the latest innovative wedding photography trends:

There is nothing more synonymous with planning a wedding than choosing your wedding photographer. You look at hundreds of different parameters from styles, products, time covered, even if they happen to work well with kids or pets to determine which photographer would be best suited for your special day. It’s a difficult task sometimes as there are hundreds of talented photographers out there, eager to work with you. Sometimes they all meld into one as they all seem to offer a very similar experience. There are some wedding photographers out there though that really push the envelope when it comes to innovative wedding photography trends. We aren’t talking about a different type of black and white photo, or simply using the best cameras here either, oh no, they’re a given. Think virtual reality, flying cameras and having your guests attend your wedding while actually being half a world away!

Drone wedding photography

There is nothing like having a flying camera float around your wedding to feel like you’re living in the future. Having a drone capture a different perspective of your wedding is a fun way to differentiate your wedding photography from everyone else’s. Flying dozens of meters above your head enables your photographer to gain an amazing opportunity to utilise the bird’s eye view to compose an incredible variety of different scenes that would not be possible using traditional equipment. It is important to note however that in Australia there are strict laws restricting the use of drones so you need to be sure that your photographer isn’t breaking any in their use.

cutting edge wedding photography trends drone

Virtual reality weddings

Visiting a location without actually leaving your living room has been the dream of science fiction since the genre was first developed. Now with the incredible rise in the ability of smartphones and internet connectivity the ability to transport oneself to some place like a wedding while not actually being there has become a reality. SvenStudios is one of the only wedding photography providers in Australia that have been filming wedding ceremonies using a virtual reality camera in order to supply their brides with the astonishing experience of being able to watch their own wedding as if they were a guest. All they need to do this is a smartphone and an inexpensive Virtual Reality headset.

guest360 VR wedding

If this weren’t amazing enough, they will soon be rolling out a new service called guest360 whereby guests whom you may like to invite your wedding but cannot attend for some reason can experience your wedding in real time. Whether your guests are too sick to attend, or they happen to live on the other side of the world, all they would need to attend your wedding would be their smartphone with a 4G connection connected to the Guest360 service.

Printing on glass or metal

One of the most popular modern wedding photography trends currently is having your photographs printed and mounted on plexiglass or metal. Doing this adds an almost 3 dimensional feel to your photographs and look astounding when hung around the house. This is the type of finish many world-renowned landscape photographers use to present their photographs in galleries. Now the practise is fast becoming very popular with wedding photography as the result presents a very different feel to your photographs, one that will make anyone who views it say ‘wow’, especially when printed large.

Acrylic mounted prints

Wedding photography is one of those areas where you might think not much changes throughout the years. I mean sure, the advent of digital cameras over film was a major change, but there’s so much more! With new technology, the services available to brides are ever changing, and the future in this regard is very exciting.

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