User Review: Vanilla Mozi

Mosquito season seems to have begun early so I’m sure we are all looking out for that repellent that works, and doesn’t smell terrible.

The range of repellents is quite extensive but then you need to take into consideration the fragrances, the chemicals, the range, the safety and the efficiency.

Many of the repellents you buy in the supermarket contain harsh chemicals or smell terrible.

Natural remedies are regaining popularity, with many people wishing to lessen their impact on the environment as well as being much more aware of what they are coming into contact with.

Vanilla Mozi (available at Going Green Solutions) is a natural mozzie repellent cream handmade in Australia, without the assistance of machinery. It is a smooth and sweet smelling cream that is perfect for the whole family; sensitive skin, babies and eczema included.


Ingredients sound absolutely divine and include plant oils, shea butter, vanilla and spearmint essential oil. Raw Natural ingredients make up 97.5% of the product, the remainder of the ingredients are essential for shelf life and stability of the product.

Vanilla Mozi is available in 4 fantastic sizes.
Size: 100ml or 250ml pump, 20ml or 100ml tub
RRP: From $4.95-$36.95

Thanks to Going Green Solutions 40 of our Beauty and Lace members will be reviewing a 20ml tub of Vanilla Mozi and you can read what they thought in the comments below. Personally, I can’t wait to find out what they thought.

Vanilla Mozi and a huge range of other green options for everyday life can be found for sale at Going Green Solutions.

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