Cottons and Share The Dignity partner for Domestic Violence Victims

The domestic violence epidemic is heartbreaking and the statistics are almost incomprehensible. In the last year alone one million Australian women have endured physical or sexual violence, emotional abuse or stalking. 75 of those women lost their lives, which is more than one every single week of the year. Everything about this situation is a tragedy but none more so than the statistic that states 1 in 3 women experiencing domestic violence do not know where to turn for help. The internet can be a fount of knowledge and all of those support groups can be found with the click of a few buttons, but for a domestic violence victim who fears their browsing history being found that is simply not an option.

Rochelle Courtenay, the brains behind the annual Share The Dignity drive to provide feminine hygiene products to homeless women, came up with the idea for the partnership between Cottons and Share The Dignity to raise awareness of 1800RESPECT.

Cottons and Share The Dignity proudly announced their partnership to raise awareness of the National Sexual Assault Domestic Family Violence counselling service 1800RESPECT, to help women experiencing domestic violence to find support.


Thanks to the collaboration every pack of Cottons tampons produced will have the 1800RESPECT number printed inside the lid, a discreet reminder that support is available. A reminder for those in a violent relationship, those who may one day find themselves in a violent relationship and for those who may know someone trapped in a violent relationship.

Feminine hygiene products are only used by women so they provide the perfect opportunity for such a discreet and powerful message, a message that could save a life. The 1800RESPECT Cottons and Share The Dignity Campaign has the support of Our Watch, who seek to end violence against women and children, and is the brainchild of Rochelle Courtenay.

Zoe Koulouris, spokesperson for Cottons, said she couldn’t refuse when approached by Rochelle with the concept.
“Cottons truly cares about women and believes that every woman has the right to feel safe and supported. In partnership with Share the Dignity we hope that the new Cottons packs will help to show those suffering that there is support available to them.”

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