Summer is Coming: 2015’s Sunglasses Trends

We may be reaching lower temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere, but the days are just warming up north of the Equator. Summer is arriving soon to Europe and North America and the sun is already blazing. Fashion designers have prepared in full swing for this upcoming season’s looks and as usual, 2015’s designer sunglasses are up to match. What can we expect this summer in eyewear fashion? Take a look below and make sure to follow this year’s hot, new trends!

Mirrored Shades Are All the Rage

Inspired by fun, stylish festival-goers, mirrored shades have made a huge comeback this year. For some of these trendy partiers, regular lenses are just not enough. Their picks have influenced the look & feel of this year’s sunglasses by inspiring designers to don some beautiful lenses that catch the eye with their colourful reflections. The lenses have the ability reflect sunlight, accentuating bright, neon colours on the glass itself. The best part? They come in an endless variety of frames and shapes – from the classical aviators, to heart-shaped or ‘70s-inspired frames.


Classically Embellished Frames Make a Statement

A combination of jewellery and sunglasses, once you don a  beautiful pair of embellished sunglasses, there is no need for more accessorizing. With a huge variety of sunglasses with studs, metallic finishes, floral appliques and numerous other embellishments, this year’s stunning designs are sure to make an impact in the summer streets. From sleek and minimal embellishments to more bold appliques, it’s clear that this year’s women’s sunglasses embrace this chic and feminine touch on otherwise plain frames.


Colourful Frames Take the Spotlight

It was not long ago that past trends had us flocking to wear darker shades: browns, blacks and dark hues of blue-grey. This year will be a far brighter summer as we see frames heading down a creative route with colourful frames. From patterned frames to fully red sunglasses (both frames and lenses), it feels like we’re all looking through the fun side of life with these vivacious sunglasses. Those who are more comfortable with darker shades can even find a more toned-down version of this trend on bargain shopping sites like Stylzz, featuring sunglasses with semi-coloured frames or sporting a livelier colour only on the inside frame.


Butterfly and Cat-Eye Sunglasses Make an Impact

Some people look to stand out, and that’s exactly what these sexy feline frames are doing this year. A surprisingly sensual shape, this eyewear trend may be the one to cause a ripple effect on sunglasses trends down to next year, as people look for the next big thing. With their stunning geometric silhouettes, they add a mystery of glamour on the wearer, and are an unavoidable eye-catcher by passer-by’s.


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