Veet Warm Wax Jar

It’s just so much fun waxing. All that hair-pulling and skin trauma and don’t forget that lovely ripping sensation we call ‘pain’.

As much as we wish to say ‘sod it, no more waxing please’ we always lose our nerve when things start getting a little hairy and sometimes we’re a little shy to go back to the salon and admit we were wrong.


Veet’s Warm Wax Jar is our latest waxing tester and it’s been really quite pleasant to use. The instructions are easy which is a good thing because we tend to lose all sense when pain’s involved. Simply warm wax, wait for it to cool (the spatula tells you when it’s ready), apply and pull.

What we love most about this kit is that it contains washable fabric strips and is easy to clean off skin.

Stockists: Available from various supermarkets and pharmacies. Visit for more information


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