Ellis Faas Hot Lips

Ellis Faas is a brand that is a little quirky, with packaging that resembles bullets and shades of red that are colour matched to human blood.

New to Mecca Cosmetics are the Ellis Faas Hot Lips, a range of highly pigmented shades that come in the brand’s signature bullet style. With the lid on these stand out at approximately 16cm long. Once the novelty of the design wears off you are still left with a product that works extremely well.

This product is applied straight onto your lips with the attached sponge, product is dispensed by twisting the end until you have the desired amount. This feels soft when you brush it over your lips and you only need a small amount for long lasting wear.


There is no stickiness and your lips don’t feel dry after use. There are nine liquid shades to choose from with:

  • Bright Red
  • Bright Orange
  • Bright Fuschia
  • Fluo Pink
  • Bright Coral
  • Rose Violet
  • Deep Pink
  • Baby Pink
  • Pink Nude

The Ellis Faas Hot Lips have an RRP of $49.00

Available exclusively from Mecca Cosmetica

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