Boz + Love

Australian designers are always first to capture our attention, and if they’re environmentally friendly, they get a big red tick.

Boz + Love hail from the sunny Sydney and create handy pieces of clothes that we all secretly need. A simple tee for lazy weekends? Something to throw on for yoga class? Or perhaps a quiet morning of market shopping? Boz + Love’s range of dresses and tees will keep you covered and cosy.

love1 (1)

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Each illustration you see has been hand drawn, which we think makes for quite a special touch. The inks used are free from any chemicals which we don’t want touching our delicate skin and last but certainly not least, the company uses a unique printing method which creates less wastage and less materials being used.

Stockists – Ladies looking to order will be pleased with the offer of free shipping and daintily wrapped goods. To purchase online, visit

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