Dreambaby Liberty Tall Security Gate

It seems that I am all prepared to do things very differently when baby number three finally decides to make an appearance, so when I was offered the opportunity to review the Dreambaby Liberty Tall Security Gate I readily agreed. My house is very open plan so when my older two children were much younger I avoided security gates because they just didn’t seem practical with my house design. Now that number three is fast approaching we have made some changes to the set up of the house and it’s not quite so open, making gates a much more attractive prospect.

Bubs isn’t here yet but the gate is already proving to be a fabulous addition. It was simple to install, it’s a breeze to use and it has some very handy features like the stay open mechanism and the 93cm height.

Once babies start crawling they manage to disappear awfully quick if you don’t have an eagle eye on them at all times so a security gate makes for great piece of mind if you have areas that would otherwise be accessible. In the early days 93cm seems very tall but at least you know this gate is going to last the duration and it’s great for pets and older children as well.

Libert Gate 1962_talentBack1

To block off hallways, stairs and doorways this gate offers invaluable piece of mind for when you have a newly mobile little one and as they get older, or in my case even when you have an aging pet that sometimes needs to be removed from an area but not necessarily the house.

The height of the newest Dreambaby Security Gate is fabulous for older children too, even my Mr 5 is not quite as confident with the new one as he was with the shorter gate that is now in a different area of the house.

Installation is pressure mounted so there is no need to drill if you are renting, moving or only need it up when you have little ones visiting.

The stay open feature is one that I’m loving because as I said, we don’t have a little one roaming yet but we have had little ones visit and a dog who at times needs to be separated from the family. Now it’s as simple as opening the gate all the way and hearing the stay open feature click in and easy access is returned.

The Liberty Tall Security Gate fits openings from 75-84cm (29.5” -33.0”) wide.

Optional gate extensions are available to make your gate up to 284cm (111.5”) wide. They come in: 9cm (3.5”), 18cm (7.0”) & 27cm (10.5”) 36cm (14”), 45cm (17.5”), 54cm (21”), 63cm (24.5”), 100cm (39”) wide

This elegant looking gate will fit with any decor as it is available in white with grey accents (F1961) and solid black (F1962).

RRP: $94.95

For this and more fabulous Dreambaby products, including the other Security Gates in their range head over and visit them at: www.dreambaby.com.au. 

You can also become a Facebook fan at: http://www.facebook.com/Dreambabysafety

Australian customers can call (02) 9386 4000 or in New Zealand, call (09) 274 8788.

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