Olay Regenerist CC Cream

Many women wear thick makeup to look younger. Heavy makeup may hide all of your spots and even out your skintone but according to Olay, it isn’t the only choice for fresh, youthful looking skin.

The Regenerist CC Cream from Olay was put to the test recently when tried by a woman who regularly wore thick makeup. The results were quite interesting as you don’t expect a CC cream to compare to regular foundation, but the participant actually looked younger with the lighter choice.

This CC Cream works as a moisturiser to rehydrate and smooth your skin while giving you light coverage. Over time the product works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fade any dark spots. This is much more than your typical tinted moisturiser and is designed to target those common anti-ageing concerns that most of us have.

The Regenerist CC Cream is an easy option for those who need to get ready quickly in the morning and will give you a natural looking finish for every day wear.

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