CLOSED: Win a Share Pack of the New-Look Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

Like a breath of fresh air, the lighter side of Joyville is bubbling up this Spring – introducing new-look Cadbury Dairy Milk BUBBLY, ‘Now even Bubblier Inside and Out’!

Available Nationally from September 23, the delightfully aery chocolate snack has a playful new shape with pieces that are just like little bubbles wrapped around soft aerated pockets all covered in smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

Bubbly Bar closed with block by the side SMALL

But it doesn’t stop there – always striving to surprise and delight, Joyville also welcomes a brand new addition to the range, BUBBLY Strawberry flavour. Tasting just like a fresh strawberry milkshake, BUBBLY Strawberry will complement the range that also includes smooth BUBBLY Milk Chocolate and the ever-popular BUBBLY Mint flavour. The three flavours come wrapped in playful new pack designs that are also resealable, so you can enjoy a quick snack now and save some for later!

Ben Wicks, General Manager Marketing Chocolate for Cadbury Dairy Milk said BUBBLY is the perfect choice for chocolate lovers looking for the lighter way to enjoy their favourite milk chocolate.

“BUBBLY chocolate has been a favourite chocolate snack since 2009 and now is even bubblier inside and out. We are certain Australians will love the range even more thanks to the new soft and round chocolate bubbles that melt in your mouth for a smoother and lighter moment along with the delicious inclusion of BUBBLY strawberry flavour,” he said.

bubbly group

Let Joyville bring out your Bubbly side this Spring with new-look Cadbury Dairy Milk BUBBLY fresh from the kitchens of Joyville, available in 155g blocks across the country from September 23.

We have 5 Cadbury Bubbly share packs to give away, each prize contains 6 x 155g Bubbly blocks with two of each flavour for you to share with family and friends.

For your chance to win tell us in the comments section below who you would share these with and why.

Competition closes 26/10/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email

286 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win a Share Pack of the New-Look Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

    1. I would share with my husband Earl because he is a Cadbury fan also a diabetic who has the occassional treat.

  1. My boyfriend!! I’ve just discovered that he is a crazy chocolate lover like me, so this would be the perfect treat for our in-house date night 🙂

  2. I’d share with my teen daughter as her nickname is “Bubbly”! She really has a “bubbly”, happy personality and is a joy, and very good with her 2 year old brother.

  3. I would break these babies out at my next mothers group so we can all have a cheeky treat whilst our babes are having a play.

  4. I would share with my friend Terry who is having Cancer treatments at the moment and it would cheer him up a little….

  5. My sister. Although unfortunately it is the recent passing of our Dad that has brought us together after 29 years. The positive is that we have become close and I am sure 6 blocks of chocolate and copius amounts of coffee would help us catch up on all the missed years.

  6. Our son’s birthday party is coming up so I’d break the blocks into little pieces so the mummies, daddies and kids all get a chance to sample.

  7. I would have no choice than to share it with my 4 beautiful kids , I share everything with them (sometimes not by choice!)

  8. I would share with my minty fiend of a husband and my berry-licious bestfriend but the milk would have to be just mine!

  9. I would share them with my whole family at one of our famous movie nights every month we have at least 20 family members over for movie night we even have intermission I can’t think of a better thing to share Cadbury chocolate yum!!!

  10. My mum, the one who genetically passed on chocolate obsession and who always taught me that’s it’s Cadburys or it’s nothing!

  11. I would have to share at least one piece, oh ok half a block of the chocolate with my fiance who is soon to become my husband :-). Our vows do say that we will share everything :-/

  12. As I am now dairy intolerant, I would give them away to my work colleagues, and score a few brownie points at the same time !!

  13. Probably my husband… although the temptation to keep it all for myself would be too much and I would more than likely scoff it all while he is out doing something hehe 🙂

  14. I would share with my children. Basically I have to otherwise I don’t get to enjoy the delicious chocolate! 😉

  15. With Chocolate Monster hubby. To get brownie points & to distract him so he doesn’t notice when I buy a new pair of shoes.

  16. My hubby cause this is the closest we get to bubbly at the moment with a bubba on the way, he loves anything mint so he will be ok and I’ll claim the strawberry and milk all the way.

    1. You sound like me Michelle…totally addicted to my Cadbury Caramello chocolate and I eat it every single day!!! And I don’t care.

  17. I’d share it with my husband if he wasn’t soy intolerant, so I guess I will have to share it with my best friend.

  18. With my parents – they’d be perfect for our next few games nights! And some with hubby – because he’d help himself anyway, so I might as well pretend it was my idea 🙂

  19. I’d like to be selfish and keep it all for me, but that is no fun, I would love to share with my friends and neighbours and the parents waiting for the children at school pick up time…. I’m a sharing, caring chocoholic. 🙂

  20. These look thoroughly enticing….mmmmm.
    My sister is coming over from Perth for my daughter’s 18th birthday in October, so if I won the blocks of chocky, they would be perfect for this occasion to share with all my family while we play some tenpin bowling on Wii (something we always do when we get together).

  21. What is the share of which you speak? Also, resealable packets? What’s that about!

    Okay, so I might give my 15 year old son a taste of each flavour!

  22. I would share most of it with my family and keep a tiny bit to myself as I love chocolate but I prefer them to have the calories and not me.

  23. I would share these with my kids (ages 8, 6, and 5) unless they were at school when it came. In which case, I would share it with me, myself, and I. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll.

  24. I would share the new Cadbury chocolate with me, myself and I – oh, and little bit left for husband and son, maybe 😉

  25. Hmmmmm I would certainly share a block with my husband as he and I love chocolate! ‘What honey, you say there were 6 blocks? Oh, no, no, no! Definitely only one block (left)!’ Is it really bad to say that I dont want to share this chocolate?!!!!

  26. I’d share them with nobody – or maybe my daughter. But if there’s nobody home when they’re in my possession then it’s my little secret.

  27. Do I really have to share?? Perhaps I could get a private post box and nobody will know they’ve arrived. Drooling on the keyboard now just thinking about it.

  28. I’d share these with my three daughters as we’re all chocoholics and would enjoy them immensely. I hate to admit it but I’d probably have to hide one away for myself for later!

  29. I’d share the chocolate with my sister Jill, because she’s always there for me, she’s by best friend, and she lifts me up when the world gets me down.

  30. id use them as a great excuse to go to the movies with hubby and daughter and share them as our movie munchies yum

  31. I would share these with my husband but only after I have tried them because he is likely to eat it all and forget about me.

  32. My six youngest grandchildren are frequently here so with six packs we can all have shares. Cadbury’s Joyville Bubbling at home!

  33. I’d share them with my beautiful Mum,
    To thank her for all she’s done,
    Love Cadbury Chocolate treats,
    So delicious and so sweet!

  34. Me, myself and I because we are the ultimate Cadbury chocolate fans! Oh, alright, if I must share then it would be with hubby and my beautiful children too.

  35. I’d share them with myself….. hubby’s on a diet and my daughter can’t have chocolate because of migraine…. I’ve been neglecting my choc-need for too long!!!

  36. Would I HAVE to share? I am a great believer that eating one block is the same as eating one piece … one giant piece 🙂

  37. I would love to share this chocolate with my partner and with my Dad also as my Dad is in a care facility and he loves Chocolate, and so do I .

  38. I’d use the power of Cadbury, I’ll share with my daughters when their rooms are clean and the dishwasher is emptied, with the allure of the bubbles I might even get the washing done!

  39. I would love to share it with my fiance while our baby boy is in bed and we are watching a movie together having baby-free time 🙂

  40. Three of us would share, me, myself and I, once the other half has gone to work, into the bath with a good book and the block of bubbles!

  41. My husband He’s given up so much to become my full time carer, he deserves lots of treats We’ve actually made Saturday evening our chocolate treat night, so we have a guilt free chocolate time, and don’t have any the rest of the week

  42. I would love to share this Bubbly creation with my daughter because I don’t drink the other sort of bubbly and she is breast feeding so can’t touch the hard stuff. We can celebrate our great relationship with not just a glass of bubbly, we can have a whole bar.

  43. I’d share them with my hubby and kids on Saturday nights its our family night, so sharing this Cadbury would be a delight.

  44. I would share some with ME, Me, mE and me. For once I would be selfish and keep them all to myself. I would make them last a long time, only have a little piece day and then hide it so the family could not find it. My secret stash.

  45. My husband because he always knows when I need a kiss or smile and never ceases to amaze when he says, “I’m here…let’s talk a while!” and of course chocolate makes everything better!

  46. Sharing a block of Cadbury bubbly with my best girlfriend would help combat the symptoms of PMT that make her feel a little flat!

  47. My 2 best friends and I are about to go on our annual girls weekend away. As well as shopping, eating, drinking, and going to the beach, we love to have a late night cup of tea, and Cadbury is the perfect accompaniment to our sharing of memories and dreams.

  48. I may share a few with other chocoholic friends but the rest would be all mine when a chocolate fix is desperately needed

  49. SHARE?

  50. I would share with my darling husband and beautiful daughter during our weekly family movie. Every Sunday night my daughter picks a movie for us to all watch together, and chocolate would be the perfect accompaniment.

  51. Nobody but me. I won’t and don’t share chocolate and won’t be setting foot in a chocaholics anonmous anytime soon!

  52. My boyfriend, but ideally I would love to keep them myself as he always seems to eat larger share than me. That’s not fair!

  53. My adult daughter, as we both love Cadbury Bubbly chocolate and she frequently does nice things for me, because she’s kind and generous.

  54. My 83 year old mum remembering Sunday nights when I was about 10 and would run to the corner shop to buy her a block of Cadbury chocolate as a could something that happened every week be a surprise? Don’t know but my brother and I thought we were surprising her! No corner shop to run to now! But I could surprise her with this.

  55. My hubby, chocolate gives him pleasure,
    Every bite, a moment to treasure,
    With Cadbury by his side,
    Means my purchases cannot be denied.

  56. I would be more than happy to share with my best friend – we are both chocoholics, only eat the best, which is Cadbury chocolate and what a great time we would have indulging together.

  57. I would share these with absolutely NO ONE! I will hide them where the hubby and kids can’t find them (I’m thinking in the vacuum cupboard) and eat them on the sly 🙂

  58. I would share the chocolate with my 4 boys. They would find it and eat it anyway so I may as well share it and let them think I am an awesome mum. 🙂

  59. Love my Job and my mates.I’d share with the team knowing they’d love the BUBBLY,mint,Strawberry,and milk cream.

  60. I am a confessed chocoholic and love anything with the name Cadbury written on it .About sharing well i would love to share with my Hubby but he is not allowed to eat chocolate so it is all mine .lol

  61. I’d share these yummy Cadbury blocks with my Mum and Sister, who this year have both climbed their Mount Everest, battling cancer and come through the other side. They deserve to be treated with heavenly chocolate for their efforts of bravery 🙂

  62. I would end up sharing with my kids. Every parent knows that the same kids that have not heard you all day come running at the furtive sounds of a chocolate bar being secretly opened.

  63. I would share these yummy blocks of Cadbury Chocolate with my Dog club at our next AGM to help make the meeting not so boring and stressful. I may even get voted president thanks to Cadbury.

  64. I would share with my Probus members, they are such a dear lot of people who would do anything to help a friend in need. What a ‘bubbly’ reward this would be.

  65. Sharing Chocolate, in this case I may make an exception and share with family and friends as it looks so yum..

  66. Mmmm what is left for me to say – I LOVE Cadburys chocolate , its definitely my fave so looking forward to trying this new one. Wouldn’t really feel like sharing but if I really have to I would give 5 to my elderly mum so she can share them around her retirement village. She breaks choc bars in little pieces and puts them in a basket, then goes door knocking to the residents.

  67. i would share this chocolate with my youngest grandaughter i only see her on school holidays this would be nice thanks

  68. I would share it with my friends during Spring Racing Carnival! A block of Bubbly and a bottle of bubbly! Match made in heaven – or perhaps Joyville?

  69. Mine all mine I couldn’t share with anyone until I was assured thatit was as FAB-BUBBLE-OUS as other Cadbury Chocolate

  70. I assume the air in the chocolates negates the calories so the chocs are calorie neutral and I can eat as much as I want. Great idea.

  71. I know I’m meant to share… but studying is very hard and I do believe I deserve to indulge once in a while!

  72. “Will share My Bubbly delight with MYSELF only.
    temptation is too strong to overcome naturally
    Going to enjoy every bite,in secret alone

  73. My husband because he’s been helping me with our 3 year old while I’ve been looking after a teething 5 month old and I think we would both appreciate some bubbles in our life!

  74. Share chocolate? I’m sorry but I don’t do that! That’s why my secret stash is stored in the cleaning cupboard where nobody else in this household, but me, ventures!

  75. Share no no not chocolate I cant share chocolate a chocoholic never shares but I might give hubby a bit of the mint bubbly he likes mint chockky.

  76. I would share it with my son as we both love chocolate, especially Cadbury Bubbly, i have a piece of choclate everyday it’s a pick me up, plus i love the taste of course.:)

  77. I would be sharing these delicious morsels with my three little kiddies they get a treat and it saves mummy’s hips!

  78. I’d share one of each flavour with family and friends, the rest I’d put in my secret chocky cupboard, for me, mmmmmmmmmmmm O:-)

  79. I would like to say i’d share with my son……BUT… i LURVE my chocolate and would hide in a cupboard before i shared it !!!!! LOL

  80. I would share them with my daughter and hubby, but mainly keep the strawberry one for me as it’s my favourite flavour…. Loooovee chocolate…

  81. I would share with my partner as we are both chocoholics. I knew I should have bought shares in Cadbury when we got together in 2001.

  82. I would share it with my family we all love Cadbury chocolate my favorite is mint so that would have to be all MINE lol

  83. I’d share it with all the chocoholics I know! Paying it forward by chocolate just puts a smile on my face thinking about it 🙂

  84. i would share them with my grandkids which i have the pleasure of having for a night on the weekend so we can have some special family time toghether… cannot wait to taste..mmmmmm..delicious…

  85. I would share with my bestie liza and her daughter NJ cos we share everything, that’s what buddies do and everything tastes better when its shared

  86. I love my Dad and I have been his full time carer due to a brain disease that he has and now after 13 years of caring for him, he is now in an aged care facility and I go and see him everyday. We sit and talk and watch some of his favourite movies. And we enjoy chocolates together. And He hasnt yet tried this one as I havent also. So it would be great to share it with him and enjoy our special time together. I Love My Dad

  87. I would share with my mum. Chocolate and desserts improve your emotional state, nothing better than being happy with someone you love 🙂

  88. I would share with my daughters. We would have to hide from the boys in the house cos the need for chocolate is a girl thing.

  89. I would share them with my hubby n our boys but the mint is all mine because they don’t like mint but they can fight over the other 2

  90. My 2 beautiful little boys!! They are as big a chocoholic as i am!! our 3yr old son has been nicknamed Mr Bubble” since before he was born also (similar name to bubbly!). We also have a photo with him holding a block of bubbly chocolate as a about 9month old with the look on his face as if to say “dont take it off me!” haha. -he didnt eat any of course but he now loves any chocolate! 🙂

  91. Well I know who I won’t be sharing them with – my middle daughter who refuses to eat chocolate. Since I am a serious chocoholic I have to wonder if she was switched at birth! At least this means there will be more for the rest of us – my eldest son and youngest daughter love chocolate just as much as me and have even been know to raid my WIR after they discovered it’s where I hide the good stuff!

  92. I will share itwith my 2 boys (hubby and son). We love cadbury. It is always in our grocery list. 🙂

  93. I wouldn’t really want to share with anyone but I guess I would share them with my one and only Rob cause I love him so much.

  94. I wouldn’t really want to share with anyone but I guess I would share them with my one and only Rob cause I love him so much.

  95. I just love Cadbury Choc so I don’t really want to share but I would have to share with my husband and daughter – equal portions.

  96. Hmmm….do I have to share?!?!?!?!?! I guess if I HAD to share (!!!) it would be with my man who is an even BIGGER chocoholic than myself! (although up until I met Shawn I didnt think that was possible!!!) MMMMMmmmmm…bring on the summer days chomping down on chockie!!!!! 🙂

  97. I would invite a few good friends around and have a girls night with lots of bubbles, both liquid and chocolate!

  98. I would share them with my daughter as I love chocolate and she loves chocolate and I love her and she loves me so a perfect combination for us to enjoy together xx

  99. Most of my friend are chocoholics, the question is only how bad is it. I can choose few of them for this pleasure

  100. I would share my Cadbury Bubbly Chocolate with Santa Clause, because I always end up eating what we share with Santa 😉

  101. I love to share so would share with my Grandchildren but please don’t ask me to share the Mint chocolate it would break my Heart.

  102. my gorgeous 15y/o daughter….
    we are both chocolate addicts……and she’s my carer so we will have a great supply for movie night…lol

  103. Every year near Christmas I make my own version of Rokeby Road and cello each with a bow and give to friends.

    I half melt down 12 blocks of chocolate for a different taste using different inners.

    I would lurve to try BUBBLY… never tried BUBBLY before, how exotic for a 2013 Christmas!

  104. If I am fortunate enough to be chosen, I. Will be sharing the prize with my daughter who is a real chocolate lover just like me.

  105. I can already feel the tingling Bubbles on my tongue. I am drooling already for the NEW CADBURY bubbly Chocolate.

  106. My best friend because when we were little we used to blow bubbles together… we’d both love to pop these bubbles – right into our mouths!

  107. My husband because he has been so strong and dedicated, losing 15kg that he deserves a Cadbury’s special treat.

  108. I would love to share the Cadbury Dairy Milk BUBBLY with my sister. I think that the Cadbury Dairy Milk BUBBLY would do wonders in complimenting the delicious taste of wine whenever we share a bottle together!

  109. I’d share them with better half. What better way to show your love than sharing something so sweet and sensual like Cadbury BUBBLY? Chocolate, candles, cuddles; Simply romantic.

  110. I would love to share with my hubby but he hid some Cadbury from me not long ago and I think revenge could be had here 🙂

  111. I would share them with NOONE.. I would eat them all myself after my 3 kids go to sleep.. has to be some perks to being a single mum..

  112. I would love to share this with my husband who’s allergic to alcohol. We’d finally be able to celebrate our anniversary over a bubbly that won’t break him out in hives. A definite plus to a romantic evening!

  113. sharing and caring with Cadbury is the greatest gift of all and a deserving Mum and Grandmother would share this special treat with me.

  114. Share? I’m suddenly superiorly SELFISH and secretive when it comes to Bubbly Cadbury chocolate… I would have to “stow” it, sharing it only on special occasions with special people.

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