CLOSED: Win with Olay Total Effects

For over 12 years, Olay Total Effects has been the trusted anti-ageing skincare choice for millions of women the world over. Keeping their promise to help women fight the signs of ageing, Olay Total Effects has undergone a formula upgrade on key variants that delivers 2 x the power for skin renewal. Olay Research & Development Expert, Murali Sampath explains that women who face more lifestyle pressures and stress may cause their skin to age faster, “Psychological stress can have physiological effects on our skin, going so far as to weaken the skin’s barrier function, which could allow more irritants, allergens and infectious agents to penetrate the skin and cause problems”.

“Whilst we know physical stress such as smoking, weather & UV damage can have adverse effects on our skin, emotional stress has been shown to shorten the molecular countdown mechanism in our cells, and may explain how stress causes us to age quicker,” Murali concludes.
Products in the all new Olay Total Effects range contain the brand’s highest ever vitamin B levels to increase skin power and better fight the 7 signs of ageing, so signs of skin ageing can become one less stress in our life.

Upgraded products:

  • Olay Total Effects Moisturiser Normal SPF15
  • Olay Total Effects Moisturiser Gentle SPF15
  • Olay Total Effects Moisturiser Normal
  • Olay Total Effects Moisturiser Gentle

All new Olay Total Effects blockbuster formula:

  • Panthenol (Pro Vitamin D5) – known for skin moisturisation and skin smoothing benefits
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B) – multi-tasking wonder ingredient proven to address: hyperpigmentation, cell turn over, hydration, skin barrier, texture and skin tone
  • Vitamin E – functions as skin-soothing and conditioning agent with antioxidant properties

Olay Total Effects Day Cream Gentle SPF15 Box 3D

The story of Olay Total Effects

Olay Total Effects was first conceived 12 years ago when an extensive survey discovered that women across the globe, despite their differing ethnicities and geographies, were concerned about similar signs of ageing. Rising up to the challenge of finding one solution to address these multiple issues, Olay created Total Effects. Harnessing the power of Niacinamide to help fight the seven signs of skin ageing in a single product, Olay Total Effects delivered the beautiful, younger looking skin women were searching for.

NEW Olay Total Effects now with 2 x the power for skin renewal to help fight signs of ageing:

1. Line Minimisation: Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles
2. Nourishing Moisturisation: Soothes dry skin
3. Tone Enhancement: Evens skin tone for more balanced colour (1 Based on clinical data on exfoliation rate, USA May 2012 vs no treatment)
4. Gentle Exfoliation: Smoothes and evens skin texture
5. Pore Refinement: Minimises the appearance of pores
6. Anti-Oxidants: Helps protect skin’s moisture barrier
7. Subtle Lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance

Stockist details 1800 028 280 or go to or to receive your own personalised Olay Total Effects skincare recommendation! Olay’s Facebook page:

We have 5x Olay Total Effects Day Cream in Gentle SPF15, valued at RRP $32.49 to giveaway. For your chance to win one tell us which of the 7 signs of ageing is of most concern to you and why.

Competition closes 21/06/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner.

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
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204 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win with Olay Total Effects

  1. 1: sun damage, spent too much time in the sun
    2:wrinkles, need to use Olay
    3:dry skin, need to keep up with my routine
    4:age, can’t help but get old
    5:stress, people you thought loved you 🙁
    6:de hydration, need to drink more water
    7:diet, stop eating junk

    I know Olay total effects with help xoxo

  2. Tone Enhancement 🙂 An even skin tone is the most concern for me out of the 7 aging signs.

  3. Wrinkles are my main concern, you start with laugh lines that turn into crow’s feet and forehead creases that make you look like your frowning.

  4. Now that I am in my mid 30’s, the lines on my forehead are becoming much more prominent and having a larger forehead than most they can’t be concealed with a fringe :-(. But I do drink plenty of water and eat healthy, I even remember to exercise sometimes! A good skincare regime is a must for every woman 🙂

  5. 2. Nourishing Moisturisation: Soothes dry skin. I always have very dry skin. I am 47 years old. I have found that Olay is the only moisturiser that nourishes and softens my skin. Thank you.

  6. 1. Line Minimisation: who doesn’t love to have less wrinkles? Now that I’ve reached my forties, I can see fine lines that I’d like to smoother a little longer

  7. 1. Line Minimisation.
    Of the 7 signs of aging I would say that my fine lines and wrinkles are my biggest concern. When did my skin go from squishy plump 20’s to mapping and cracking 30’s.

  8. Wrinkles are a major concern , frown lines, laughter lines and crows feet around the eyes are hard to conceal. Facial expressions you can’t hide from. Don’t want to have surgery and rely on Olay.

  9. Don’t consumed alcohol,smoke, less exposure to sun, healthy diet , exercise and practise good hygiene etc…enjoy what you have and be thankful for everyday blessings 🙂 SMILE!

  10. Tone Enhancement because I have several different colours and/or pigmentations on my face, and I wish that I could even out the tone so that it looks like it belongs to one face instead of several !

  11. The most concerning sign of aging for me is fine lines and age spots appearing…..eeew!!!!

  12. Tone Enhancement: Evens skin tone for more balanced colour now that I’m in my 40’s my skin has a mind of it’s own. I’m staring to look like a patchwork quilt!

  13. Nourishing Moisturisation – My skin is really dry when I don’t use Olay.

    I have been using this product (Oil of Ulan) since I was 15 – 30 odd years on, and my skin still loves the products.

  14. The ‘subtle lifting’ sounds incredible. My skin is showing it’s age & is less then firm these days.

  15. I am just starting to get fine lines around my eyes, I really don’t like them and want to avoid them getting any worse for a lot longer!

  16. Tone Enhancement worries me the most! I’d love to have even skin tone for more balanced colour on my face. I think I have finally found the protocol to wear less foundation every day!

  17. Busy mums like me with two small kids should also find time to look after themselves but in a jiffy. I believe that with just a few seconds of putting this on me, it will do so many things to my aging skin – that’s miracle bottle in a hurry.

  18. Fine lines, because there’s nothing ‘fine’ about pesky ‘just noticeable’ lines that threaten to become full-blown wrinkles. They are completely un-fine with me!

  19. Once I hit 40 the fine lines started to appear. Olay can help them disappear and nourish my skin at the same time.

  20. I have always worked on caring for my skin so i think its repaying me for my efforts now but I have always had an issue with Redness which drives me crazy so I would have to say uneven skintone is my number one bugbear. Number two would be the fine lines starting to appear around my eyes.

  21. Pore Refinement, I have a freckled face without having to add pore spots, especially on my nose!!! They’ll soon have to call me dot!

    1. Gentle Exfoliation is what I need to soothe my sensitive skin the other six are alright too, cant afford facials so I need as much help as I can get

  22. Stress!! It’s something that we can’t hide from but hopefully with the help of Olay, the signs won’t show on my face.

  23. Stress!! It’s something that we can’t hide from but hopefully with the help of Olay, the signs won’t show on my face.

  24. Wrinkles definately worries me. But what worries me even more is that I haven’t done anything about it because as a house wife with 3 kids I do not have sufficient time and money to spend on me. The only thing I put on my skin is a baby lotion, that too after applying on my bub’s face.

  25. 2. Nourishing Moisturisation: Soothes dry skin; I have used moisturiser for more than 30 years now on a daily basis because my skin is very dry.

  26. Poor Refinement, to help minimise the size of pores. I have huge pores and they really age the skin and make for uneven skin tone.

  27. I’m most worried about the lines around my mouth and bleeding lipstick, I need something to help me please 🙂

  28. Every birthday I see more and more fine lines and wrinkles, I do find it hard to come to terms with that I’m getting older. I don’t feel any older inside, but the outside does not mirror how I feel. I wish I could find a miracle cream that could at least minimize my fine lines and wrinkles.

  29. Fine lines. I never used to have them (I don’t think I’m just in denial?) but suddenly they’re around my mouth and eyes.

  30. “mask” and other skin discolouration mainly but not a named 7 sign so I’ll also add wrinkles

  31. I would love this to even out my skin tone and to help minimise the pores on my skin. And also to even out my fine lines and wrinkles. Olay is an amazing product. So this would be wonderful to win.

  32. Decreased skin firmness. I am not overweight, yet I bulge and flab in all the wrong places. Correction. I don’t want to bulge and flab at all!

  33. Those fine lines that wink and crease at me in the mirror all the time as they are the only indicator of my age at this time.
    Line Minimisation would help erase time.

  34. Line minimisation has to be the real issue here, as we get older it sometimes shows in our skin and thats something I’m concerned about and its never to late to start something new and fresh.

  35. diet as although we’ve made significant changes in diet there’s still some room for improvement

  36. Definitely the appearance of fine lines…those pesky ‘fine lines’ turn into gigantic lines…which I’ll eventually need botox for …!!!!

  37. fine lines and wrinkles are fast becoming a problem and i dont want to grow old gracefully, please help me retain my youth and good skin

  38. The sagging of skin especially around the top of my eyelids is what worries me most at the moment because its the most obvious sign that I personally show right now. Would love to try Olay Total Effects to see if it can firm my skin even a little

  39. My smiles turn upside down into wretched wrinkly frowns.. OLAY line minimalism magic.. and the other anti-ageing features.. fabulous!

  40. Waking up in the morning, feeling dead to the world
    Looking in the mirror, a shock to behold.
    Getting up and down to bubby at night
    Really makes my face scream out with fright.

    My short term solution is to wake that face
    Splash it with cold water, then to touch base
    With Olay Total Effects Day Cream, it’s such
    A perfect solution to reduce lines – the gentle touch.

    I need this cream to hydrate my skin
    And provide sun protection, the cream cures from within.
    But a word of wisdom to the mums out there.
    Don’t let your toddler near that bottle to share
    With carpets, rugs, bedspreads and chairs.
    Your face may look pretty but the redness will flare.

  41. For me, Skin Damage is No. 1 Concern , being a Redhead, and Emotional Stress No. 2. and Olay addresses both of these issues really well with Olay Total Effects , a product that works from when I was Younger , and now that I am more ‘Mature’ still doing it’s job, with new products coming out all the time, helping us look our best.

  42. Gosh, at 56 I am beginning to notice all of them, but uneven skin tone is my biggest problem

  43. My biggest problem would be sun damage from when I was younger from being down the beach most days and with no sunscreen on !!!

  44. 1. the appearance of fine lines
    2. wrinkles
    3. Puffy Eyes
    4. TIred eyes with Black Circles
    5. Uneven skin tone
    6. sun damage
    7.Sagging skin

    These are my top 7 concerns that I face on a daily basis.
    The good news is that Olay can fix all these. and make me look younger than I am.

  45. Which one? You’re kidding right? How about ALL of them?!! And at the very first sign, years and years ago, I freaked….and have been ever since….

  46. 1: sun damage; out in the sun to much
    2: wrinkles; comes with age
    3:bags under the eyes; from staying up late helping the kids
    4:skin sags; could use some exercising to help fix this
    5: dry skin; need to moisturise more
    6: uneven skin tone; need to look after it more
    7: diet; chocolate is to tempting these days

  47. Olay Total Effect – love the product – would love to trial the latest version! Wish me good luck!!!!!

  48. Lack of elasticity… I can tell I need hydrating and firming up when the pillow wrinkles on my cheek each morning take half an hour or more to fade.

  49. Wrinkles I can live with but pigmentation changes drive me mad!I just feel my face is always dirty.

  50. When my skin is nourished and hydrated, I feel better and I’m sure my lines look less noticeable. Well, that’s the hope. With Olay, however, there’s results, not just hope.

  51. None of them. Just because I may be showing some (or all) of the 7 signs of ages, this does not mean I should be concerned or worried. Beauty has always been associated with youth and ageing should be embraced and enjoyed.

  52. Dry skin
    Sun spots
    Sun Damage
    Fine lines and wrinkles/but they are part of who I am
    More pronounced pores
    Loss of elasticity
    Uneven skin tone
    So ladies let’s salut to getting old,i heard it’s fun or so i’m told.!

  53. Dry Skin is a real problem that I experience during Winter and stops me wanting to leave the house! Olay’s Total Effects would help to provide nourishing moisturisation to sooth my dry Winter skin and help give me the confidence to enjoy smiling and enjoying the great outdoors (with sun protection too!).

  54. Fine lines and wrinkles are a concern now that I am in my 30’s and I really want to keep my skin elasticity and softness

  55. Fine lines and wrinkles. My brother remarked the other day that his arse is looking better than my face these days … so its definately time to do something about that 😉

  56. Even skintone – I’ve suffered as long as I remember from a reddish tzone & I’d love to use a product that successfully addresses this issue

  57. Defintitely sun damage. its not only a asthetic problem is goes way beyond that risking skin cancer. I love products that have adequate sun protection in them like Olay!

  58. The first signs of ageing are what I want to keep at bay, just a little bit longer. I feel young on the inside, I just wish my skin would follow suit.

  59. I am in my middle 60″s now and my concerns are the wrinkles, loose skin around my face and my ageing skin spots.

  60. Skin discoloration and a few little age spots are my concern. I can hide them with makeup but I hate them….

  61. I began using Oil of Ulan, then Oil of Olay long before Olay Total Effects was conceived and this has kept my skin in good condition despite the harsh Australian climate. I live in Tasmania and the sun is particularly fierce here and the ozone is very sparse. The SPF added to the product is great as it helps minimise sun damage and it is not greasy like some other sunscreens.

  62. 5. Pore Refinement: Minimises the appearance of pores
    Because large pores look like small craters in my face and fill with dirty and oile.

  63. I have really sensitive skin and that takes it’s toll it can look dehydrated so quickly. So far Olay Total Effects has been great for my skin. I’d love to try the upgraded product.

  64. Subtle Lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance, at 52 I need all the help in helping my skin look firmer.

  65. I have worry lines from worrying about getting wrinkles! Olay will let me smile without the fear of permanent grin marks.

  66. It’s the sagging along the jaw line. Have contemplated sleeping upside down but think I might have more success with Olay Total Effects.

  67. All 7 signs of ageing are of concern to me; but if I have to pick the one of most concern, that would be wrinkles because they are unavoidable as we age. We can only try to slow or reduce their appearance with proper moisturisation so our skin is sufficiently hydrated. Only then, can I continue to smile without the fear of increased laughter lines.

  68. Number 7. (Subtle Lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance) would be my main concern as my eyelid tissue has lost its firmness and the ability to hold back the increased weight of the eyelid skin tissue. It sounds like OLAY could transform my skin!

  69. 3, because when your skin looks like one of the 101 Dalmatians, you know you’re SkINNING! Blotchy skin’s so last ‘never to be stylish’ season!

  70. Dry skin worries me, especially in winter because the heater dries it out, as does the cold wind, and my skin actually cracks

  71. Unfortunately I have more than one concern but my main concern right now is pigmentation

  72. #1. Even though we’re all going to be old and wrinkly one day, I’m terrified if wrinkles at the moment. I’m in my late 20s and can already see fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. I want to preserve my skin for as long as possible.

  73. I am 28 in a few months my skin is still that of an 18 year old (good genetics…Lucky me lol ) and I want to keep it in perfect condition for quite a few more decades, as it is always good to prevent aging rather than waiting until after the effects have already damaged the skin.

  74. i am turning 21 and i never thought i would be so concered about my skin at this age. i have acne so years of differant cleansers have made my skin sensitive and oily. i am worried about all the signs but mostly wrinkles.i already have deep forehead wrinkles that make me look alot older.

  75. I struggle with dark circles & wrinkles around eye area as I have very deep set eyes. My nan used Oil of Ulay every day, I will always remember that smell, bless her.

  76. wrinkles, always had wrinkles in my forehead since i was young they get worse as i get older i look old and have no confidence i can feel the creases in my forehead and wrinkles around my eyes, i dont like looking at myself in the mirror at the face that i see

  77. Thanks so much for running this competition with such a great prize and something we all need.

  78. DRY SKIN is my biggest issue. We recently moved to a town where my skin and my hair are constantly dried out 🙁 i miss my amazing skin 🙁

  79. Where do I begin,mine would have to be saggy skin and the older I get its worst around my chin I would like to try Olay to make my skin a little bit firmer and and tighten it up alittle,

  80. 2. Nourishing Moisturisation: Soothes dry skin. Especially with the cold weather setting in, I find my skin getting even drier.

  81. Line Minimisation: Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles,
    Nourishing Moisturisation: Soothes dry skin and Subtle Lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance; I’m 25. Since losing 47kg through a healthy diet and exercise, my skin has changed dramatically… I started using anti ageing products, as my skin has changed as I have matured, and is now drier than ever before. I also have fine wrinkles and smile lines and my skin has become somewhat firmer, although could use some help… As a little girl, mum used to apply her Oil of Olan and I would watch and begun to copy her but now, I am at the age where I need to change up my facial care needs and go for something to fight all 7 signs of ageing…

  82. Ageing never worried me at all until I developed dark circles under my eyes and I look tired and get asked if I am OK!!

  83. Line Minimisation is the most important thing for me and Olay just might be the one too Reduce the appearance of my fine wrinkles

  84. after spending too many years without sun screen on my face it would definitely have to be sun damage

  85. My major concern is Line Minimisation: Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles.
    Im 21 years old and have wrinkles in my forehead and around my eyes. I want to use olay to help make me look how i feel, rather then have my wrinkles age me more then I am.

  86. Being young and silly u spend to much time in the sun like I did.. now my skin is showing the effects,and really want to revitalize n fix it before it gets I would love to try olay.

  87. I would really like to show my daughters how using Olay 7 helps my skin to be smoother and better toned so they can use it too on my recommendation

  88. I would really enjoy recommending Olay 7 to my daughters as I show them how it improves my facial skin

  89. I would love to show my daughters how my facial skin has improved by using Olay 7 and recommend its use to them

  90. Being in the mid 40’s, wrinkles are becoming more noticeable around the eyes, forehead, lips and neck plus skin is sagging so I need all the help possible.

  91. The one sign of aging skin the concerns me is the moisturizing and the dryness that happens at my age I dont want to spoil my skin with using something other than Olay Total effects

  92. I have fine lines on my forehead and tiny bit around the eyes. Not too keen on wrinkles on my forehead. I want them gone.

  93. My skin concerns are

    Sun burn, dry skin during winter. I use moisturiser and sun screen lotion daily, but it is not very effective and looking for something which gives complete solution.

  94. 1. line minimisation, as i am getting older i am starting to get fine lines and wrinkles, which i dont like or want, i dont want to grow old gracefully at all, i want to stay looking young and fresh for as long as i can

  95. i want to win this for my mom since she is in her 30s now and she worries about her wrinkle. I think it’s the most common thing for women as wrinkles appear on the face and everyone can see them

  96. Nourishing and Moisturisation for our dry skin,from my grand mother to my mother to myself..we love Olay.

  97. Tone enhancement and wrinkles- after a few kids pigmenatation and wrinkles have entered my life. HELP!

  98. Line Minimisation!

    I used to have 11 dimples and now have 8 dimples in total on both sides of my cheeks, and was told that as I grow older these will essentially turn into wrinkles. =(

  99. Tone Enhancement:- I’ve noticed now that I’m 42, my skin has changed and spots are becoming more apparent, So Olay will aid this to become less defined as time goes by 🙂

  100. my most concern of ageing skin include: Line Minimisation, Nourishing Moisturisation, Tone Enhancement, Gentle Exfoliation, Anti-Oxidants. I’m 39 years old, my skin has early signs of ageing. My skin type is dry and I have freckles. Hydration, moistrization and exfoliation and protection form UVA UVB are the most important need to my skin.

  101. Fine wrinkles cause much distress. It is only natural for a woman to want to look attractive, preserve her freshness and grow old gracefully.

  102. My laughing lines worry me the most because they make you feel older on the outside than you do on the inside!

  103. I love Olay and i know that it works and its proven itself over many years and so i think this new one will be just as good or even better. I would love to try it and see just how well it really works. And i know that i wouldnt be let down by it.

  104. Skin tone it’s very difficult to improve and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products that were supposed to help and didn’t.

  105. I love the line minimization, it means that I stay wrinkled free and as young for as long as possible.

  106. I would like to see an improvement in the lift of my skin since, unlike muscles, can’t go to the gym to pump them up

  107. Sagging skin! There is no way to hide them besides turtle necks and scarves. I think that wrinkles can be beautiful! Especially smile wrinkles.

  108. My pores! I need some serious pore refinement. Seriously, you could park your car in the area around my nose.

  109. The appearance of fine wrinkles is my worry, who wants to look older than you really are. To look younger is ideal!

  110. Wrinkles are my main concern but Olay has been keeping them at bay thank goodness. My Mum put me onto it years ago. Wise woman!

    1. I will definitely want a finer pores and no wrinkles. These are all sign of aging specially that I am on my mid 30’s.

  111. kids, work, mortgage, in-laws, husband, housework and bosses because they are the seven invisible signs of ageing and will catch up with you sooner or later, when you’re least expecting it!

  112. skin looks tired 61 this year i need something that makes me look more alive and a few lines stating to show need all the help i can get thanks

  113. It was so embarrassed when people guessed my age wrong because of my wrinkles. I realized I must take action to stop it. I don’t want people to tell me that I’m the grandma of my kids. I heard that one of my friends had this kind of awful experience.

  114. Rascally wretched wrinkles are beginning to reek havoc with ‘ruts’ erupting on my face and neck. OLAY’s line minimisation would be marvellously magical to retard the wicked wrinkle attack.

  115. Olay total effects is the miracle moisturiser to fight the 7 effects we all worry about so its impossible to choose just one that i worry about as i suffer from all 7 🙁 so how fantastic Olay has put it all into one bottle so hopefully I can look younger 🙂

  116. fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, sagginess, dryness, uneven tone, loss of elasticity. All these are a growing concern for me. I love products that address multiple concerns time wise and convenience wise. Fast absorption and instant results are always on my wish list. Also non greasiness is an important factor as I get older

  117. I worry that my pores are too large, and I would like more smoother even looking skin as I’m starting to age more.

  118. Pore refinement, as I’d like to reduce the size of my pores. This would help my skin produce less oil, and break out less.

  119. Loosing my mind,forgetting to moisturize
    Creaking bones,forgetting Im old
    Mirrors that lie,Im sure I had less wrinkles
    Shop mirrors,with lights too bright and doors too loose
    Not knowing what defines “mutton dressed as lamb”
    Dancing 80s style in front of my kids
    Hating that my face is on big smile crinckle and crows feet have turned into pelican beaks

  120. Wrinkles are worrying me, I looked in the mirror while wearing my glasses the other day and I looked old 🙁

  121. I want my skin to look firm as I get older.

    Some elderly ladies have very soft but saggy lines , it makes them look very kind and soft gentle grandmas
    But I want to be a kind grandma with beautiful skin

  122. My face is not aging that well; so all of the 7 signs of aging concern me; but the jowls that are starting to form is the wost part of it; so hence why the “Subtle Lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance” would be most helpful benefit.

  123. The pore refinement is my major concern purely because I have noticed some of my pores are becoming the size of golf holes. I try to keep my skin moisturised but the elements don’t always agree with my face.

  124. Fine wrinkles are fast appearing. As my face doesn’t have a Ctrl Alt Delete function, I’m in desperate need of Olay Total Effects.

  125. My face is very sun damaged I wish I knew what I know now,If i’d used olay all these years it would have saved a lot of tears.

  126. Pigmentation is on top of my skin concerns. I think its also hereditary? since my mum has it as well. Oh well, keep trying products to fix it!

  127. I’m concerned about an even skin tone. My skin sufferes from pigmentation so I am always looking for creams to improve my skin tone. I think even when lines and wrinkles if you skin tone is great, then you look radiant no matter your age.

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