Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

It’s high time to say bye-bye to those annoyingly crinkly plastic bags and embrace the more eco-friendly option – reusable bags!

As the name so aptly suggests, reusable bags can be used over and over and won’t take hundreds of years to break down. I’ve collected a few of the most stylish options for you today, as shown below.

1. Onya Weigh Pink Reusable Bag $13.95 (pack of 5)

Pretty pink and amazingly lightweight, the Onya option also comes with a handy little clip that can easily snap onto your bag for easy access and no chance of it going astray in your bag.

2. Apple&Bee Eco Shopping Tote $22.95

This truly is an “eco” bag – it’s made from summer jute and has a biodegradable lining. The larger size means it’s perfect for those days where large shopping is required and the sturdiness means it will last you a long time.


3.  Bagladies London,Paris,New York, Bondi Tote $29.95

Wonderfully stylish and can double as an everyday tote bag – it needn’t be just for shopping! The whole range of Bagladies is a joy to look at and each bag includes inside pockets just perfect for your keys, phone and wallet.

4. Kikki-K Canvas Tote Bag Polka Dots $9.95

It would be almost rude of me not to include Kikki-K. Keep all your goods intact with this adorable polka dot bag. Can also double as a library and gift-bag.

5&6. Envirosax Mai Tai Series $10.95

Not only are these bags affordable, water-proof and carefully sewn with reinforced seams, the Mai Tai series was inspired by Polynesia and has an exquisitely exotic feel to them.

Do you use reusable shopping bags?

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