Book Review: Unforgettable

Author: Elise K. Ackers
eISBN: 9780857990136
eRRP: $4.99

Unforgettable is my first title from new digital imprint Escape Publishing and it definitely won’t be the last.

Weighing in at about 170 pages, after you take out the extra pages, this was more of a brunch than an entire meal and a little shorter than I would usually read. I think it is also a little shorter than it could have been to truly shine.

Connor was involved in a terrible accident which has left him comatose in the hospital and when he wakes it is without the last three years of his life. He is physically well and the only thing still affecting him seems to be his amnesia, and the Doctors can’t be sure if he will ever get those memories back.

Emma is Connor’s best friend, she has been at his bedside every day wishing he would wake up at the same time as being terrified of what will happen when he does.

Connor awakens and his first visitors are Emma and Asha, neither of whom he recognises because they came into his life during the missing time. Asha wants to ‘help’ in a way that proves she is only helping herself. Emma is Connor’s best friend, she knows him better than anyone else and agrees to help him get his life back.

We discover early on that Emma is in love with Connor and the two of them shared a secret relationship. Emma tells Connor that they are best friends but not that they were together. As soon as he starts to remember snippets her fear sets in, fear that eats at her alongside the guilt.


Much of the tension in Unforgettable centres around the accident that put Connor in the hospital and the terrible secret Emma is hiding about the reason they broke up. I like the way the tension was built and the conclusion drawn out for a while, what I didn’t like was the conclusion and the secret; both of which were quite underwhelming when compared to the build-up.

Connor and Emma were both quite likeable characters, they had their issues and moments that left me shaking my head but they were reasonable and believable; until they both threw away their second chance exactly the same way as they did the first time round. Had they split up for different reasons second time round perhaps I would not have been so frustrated but they did, I thought second chances were for learning your lesson.

I think the secret could have been made stronger if we were given more of an opportunity to get to know the involved characters so that we could understand what made this seemingly petty secret so life shattering.

I enjoyed the setting, being an Australian story and based in Melbourne, because although I have never actually been to the places spotlighted there are still familiar landmarks and I know it’s my home country.

Unforgettable was an enjoyable read that explored love, loss and second chances; as well as something akin to a heart memory – where the brain doesn’t recognise or remember but the heart knows that there’s still something there.

Emma was told to take it slow with Connor and let his memory return in its own time, without overwhelming him with information, she agrees to help get him back up to speed with his life if he agrees to trust her. Can she ensure that things turn out differently this time or are they destined to repeat their earlier mistakes?

I will leave you to discover that for yourself and I will look forward to watching for Elise’s future work and the development of her talent.

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