Kuu Konjac

Well Kuu Konjac, you’re a rather clever company, aren’t you? You’ve designed for us a range of wonderfully exotic Japanese facial sponges, made from the Konjac vegetable plant root and what’s more, you are suitable for just about anyone, including the littlest of people.

You’re 100% natural which is always a big tick in my books and you’re also multi-purpose. A cleanser and exfoliator in one? That most definitely saves time in the bathroom.

I’m always up for trying something new and marvellous and this sponge makes for uncomplicated cleansing.

red sponge single

Allow me to enlighten you on the Konjac experience –

– The sponges are soft and very gentle. You can use them everyday, if you wish

– There are 4 types to choose from, one for normal skin, one with added green clay for oilier complexions, one with red clay for the drier types and a rectangle one for the little one’s

– Konjac is naturally pH balanced alkaline which neutralises any acids (oil and dirt) for deep cleansing

– They can be used with your cleanser or without – your choice!

– An excellent way to stimulate blood circulation which promotes in the growth of new skin cells and revitalizes skin

sponge bag collection

These are lovely and simple to use. Rinse before use, use circular motions on your skin and rinse after use. Long term use will see your skin naturally exfoliated and with a gentle glow.

RRP – The Pure Sponge retails for $7.95

The French Clay Sponges for $8.95

The Sponge for Babies $8.95

Stockists – Visit  http://www.kuukonjac.com.au for stockist details

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