Interview with Marion from Mokosh

Over here in Australia we are quite the lucky ducks to have many worthy organic brands. Mokosh is one of these brands and I’m most overjoyed to introduce you all today to Mokosh’s Marion O’Leary, who teaches us a thing or two about her natural concoctions.

Could you please tell us a little about your lovely brand?

It is a little difficult to sum up our brand in a few sentences – I guess that Mokosh has provided the opportunity to express everything that is important to me through the products we make. I would summarise these into Fair Trade, the environment, cruelty free, and purity.

Using Fair Trade ingredients has always been high on my priority list – as consumers in the west we have the power to correct the injustices and inequalities between the wealthiest and the poorest nations by buying ethically. We actively seek out Fair Trade ingredients and use them in most of our products.

We try to support the environment firstly by using certified organic ingredients, as we believe that organic farming is the best way to support sustainable agriculture. We have a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients across our whole range, and are certified organic with NASAA.  Secondly, we avoid using ingredients that are produced unsustainably, the most significant of these being palm oil, which we have never used in our products. As most people know, the demand for palm oil has resulted in massive deforestation of native forests to make way for palm oil plantations. This has led to the near extinction of the orang-utan and Sumatran tiger, as well further depleting the earth’s vital carbon dioxide sinks.

As a former veterinarian, having Choose Cruelty Free certification is important. Using animals to test cosmetics – animal suffering for the sake of human vanity – makes no sense to me.

Finally, I wanted to formulate our products differently so that our products could be free of preservatives and other potentially harmful ingredients. Despite being preservative-free our products have a long shelf life, are highly concentrated and, we believe, more bioactive.


What makes Mokosh different from other natural brands on the market?

The major difference between our products and others is that ours are water-free, which is part of our ‘purity’ stance. Standard moisturisers contain up to 80% water, which is added to dilute the moisturising oils in the cream, to give it a ‘lighter’ feel. The water content does not moisturise the skin, it evaporates later, leaving a thin cover of oil which is the moisturising part of the cream. Unfortunately, the presence of water means preservatives and emulsifiers must also be added – preservatives to prevent the growth of microbes, and emulsifiers to allow the water and oil to mix. We don’t add water to our moisturisers or cleanser, and so do not need to add preservatives or the other synthetic ingredients required when water is included in the formula. As a result, our products are undiluted, and up to 5 times the concentration of standard skin care. They are also completely free of preservatives and other synthetic ingredients.

What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

As a parent and business owner, my life is pretty full, so I keep things as simple as possible. I use our Face Cleansing Powder each morning, then spray with Pure Hydrosol Toner before applying either one of our Face Creams or one of our Natural Face Oils. Which of these I choose depends on what I feel my skin needs. I usually apply a body cream after showering, and have a lip balm on hand during the day.

What are your best selling products?

Our Face Cleansing Powder is probably our most popular product, because it has such a rapid beneficial effect on the skin. Our Rich and Light Face creams also have a big following, and everyone loves our soaps. Once people are converted to these they usually start trying our other products and are quickly converted to the rest of the range.

Cleansing Powder

What is one thing you love about your job?

I like that fact that I can feel passionate about my work, because it embodies many of the principles that are important to me. An added bonus is that I am never short of a present for my friends – everyone loves a beautiful soap or a hand cream. Also, I work mostly at home, so it means I can be around for my family as much as possible.

Do you have any beauty/lifestyle tips?

It would be a little presumptuous to suggest I am in a position to do so! However, for what it’s worth, I find I am most happy when surrounded by loved ones, when doing something that is meaningful to me, and when I can achieve a frame of mind that is peaceful – by not paying attention to those niggling everyday stresses, and by being grateful for what I have.

What does your fitness routine consist of?

I think ‘routine’ would be too strong a word for it! I love to walk – we are lucky that the beach is nearby, and we also have the river and beautiful parks to get away to. I also go to the occasional yoga class and try to be disciplined about doing a little bit of yoga at home most days, but I’m afraid that is a goal I am still aspiring to…

Do you have any spa treatments done? If so, what’s your favourite?

The closest I get to a spa is my own bathroom I’m afraid! However, when I’m feeling very indulgent I use our Exfoliating Body Massage, or our Nourishing Face Treatment. It makes me feel a million dollars, and it gives me the chance to do something a little bit special for myself.

What can we look forward to next from Mokosh?

We are just about to bring out travel sizes of our products, which will allow Mokosh devotees to take their favourite products with them wherever they go. It will also give people the opportunity to try out some of our unfamiliar products without investing more than they’d like to. We also have a Fair Trade project in mind which I am really excited about – but that is a little way off, and still a little bit uncertain at this point, but I will be really delighted if it goes ahead.


Thank you Marion, your time was most appreciated. I’m looking quite forward to these travel sizes that are soon to come!

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