Power Super Foods Raw Cacao Butter

Power Super Foods Raw Cacao Butter is of top notch quality. It is raw, organic and completely decadent.  For those of you who are a little unfamiliar with cacao butter and its uses, read on below.

Cacao Butter is a wonderfully creamy, edible fat which has been extracted from the cacao bean. Due to being cold pressed, it retains all of its natural and nutritional glory just for your benefits. Cacao Butter is a source of vitamin e, omega 6 and omega 9.

This butter can be used in many ways, so if this interests you, its time to get creative! You can add the butter to many different recipes and it is a very popular ingredient with raw foodists.

Cacao Butter

You can try adding to the following

  • Smoothies
  • Ice-cream
  • Desserts
  • Various chocolate creations – including making your own from scratch (which is surprisingly simple to do)
  • Power Super Foods also suggest using this as a butter replacement, simply warm to 35C and spread onto bread/toast

The flavour of the cacao is quite subtle, it has a soft chocolaty taste – it’s really quite delicate. The smell is nothing short of divine – rich and full of chocolate aromas. If you’re a lover of chocolate, then it’s of utmost importance that you indulge yourself with this marvellous creation!

Cacao Butter also makes for a luscious body moisturiser – it’s truly food for your skin. Dry skin sufferers (myself unfortunately included) will see the benefits of soft, happy skin after using. The vitamin e properties and the richness of the butter provide adequate, long-lasting moisture.

Have you used cacao butter before? How so?

RRP – $34.95 for 500g

Stockists – Visit www.powersuperfoods.com.au for further information about stockists. Also take note of all other fabulous products that they produce, including the Cacao Gold Powder which I’ve previously mentioned here.

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