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Allow me to introduce you to Chantal Vanderhaeghen – the creator of Franc Essentials – a highly exciting and completely natural skin/body brand with a passion for nurturing the skin of all ages and types. Chantal has most kindly dedicated some of her busy time to answer a few questions, sharing with us her knowledge and wisdom.

Could you please tell us a little about your fabulous brand?

My life purpose is to use my experience, passion, honesty and humour to support and encourage others to find their sense of self, passion, confidence and beauty to lead joyful and fulfilling lives.

In fulfilling this purpose I set on a journey to bring together a lifetime of experiences to share those with others in a simple but effective way.  My overwhelming passion for others to feel the beauty and confidence that I am now blessed to feel led me to create Franc Essential, a beautiful and natural skin care range that I know will delight everyone who uses it.

I was visiting my grandmother in France after the death of my father. As I felt the need to nurture myself in my grief, I took the opportunity to spend some time surrounded by nature and immersing myself in the beauty of the lavender farms and other herbal delights in the fields of southern France.

I was intuitively aware of the healing nature of my surroundings and I was really delighted by the soothing experience and the strong connection I felt with the beauty of nature surrounding me.  During this time I became fascinated with the intricate distillation and extraction process that was used to create the beautiful French lavender oil.  It was the combination of the beauty of this experience and my personal healing that moved me to combine nature’s natural elements and create a beautiful natural anti-aging skin care range just for you.

I was simply touched by the power of nature; the process of extracting pure and potent compounds from plants. What was happening all around me was both magical and healing. I knew then that I wanted to somehow capture this experience and share it with others.  I enjoy describing this experience for me as both being soul deep and skin deep and I believe that Franc Essential reflects this beautiful experience to everyone who chooses to use our natural anti-aging skin care range.


What makes Franc Essential different from other brands on the market?

We understand very well that today’s women are looking for a product that provides maximum effect with minimum effort in their busy daily life. The Franc Essential range was designed to care for and nurture your particular skin with four simple and easy steps; cleansing, exfoliating, balancing and nourishing.

My passion was to create a versatile skin care range what would nourish and regenerate all skins in all seasons all around the world. I came to the conclusion that carefully combined natural ingredients have the power to balance and enhance any skin in any climate. It can become your silent beauty buddy that just knows how to balance your skin.

The range has been scientifically formulated using the finest active potent natural and organic ingredients using only the purest ingredients which are openly displayed as per our philosophy of openness and honesty. It is gentle, safe and nontoxic: 100% free of potentially harmful ingredients:

The products replenish, nourish and rejuvenate at a deeper level, due to the small molecular size, volatility and oil loving properties of natural ingredients making them fully skin compatible. Thus the products penetrate the skin effectively and efficiently and are absorbed readily affecting the deeper cells of the dermis giving the desired long lasting effects.

They also reduce the effects of ageing, blemishes and scarring as various natural ingredients used increase the rate of cellular growth and regulate sebum production. This combined with their noted antioxidant effects, helps slow down the effects of aging and treating scars and blemishes.

What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

I love my daily beauty routine as it is simple yet highly effective. I cleanse, exfoliate 3-4 times a week, apply an anti-oxidant on a daily basis, and then moisturise to hydrate my skin leaving it balanced and glowing. When I feel the need to I also use a Serum to give my skin an extra boost. Magic!

What are your best selling products?

Franc Essential’s best-selling products are the Franc Serum and the Franc Body Melt as they truly hydrate the skin at a deeper level leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Do you have any beauty/lifestyle tips?

It is all about enjoying and having balance in your life. It is important to not only have a regular beauty routine, but to also take the time to connect to your heart and soul in our busy lives. It is important to eat well, drink lots of water, do regular exercise, and sleep well. Stress does show in your face, no matter what products you use, if you do not combine them a healthy lifestyle. This does not mean you cannot enjoy certain things, like chocolate and a glass of wine. It is all in moderation.

What does your fitness routine consist of?

I love to go for daily walks in nature as I live up in the hills of Perth. It gives you time to reflect on your life, to clear your thoughts and move your body. In summer, I love to go to the pool to do laps. And I also do yoga at home and meditate. In addition to this, I watch what I eat and how much I consume whilst still enjoying food. There is nothing better than a delicious meal.

Do you have any spa treatments done? If so, what’s your favourite?

Now, that is a difficult question to answer as I love quite a few. However, the one I love most is a hot stone massage as you not only get a relaxing massage, you also get the warmth from the stones to release any extra tension in your muscles. I feel so nurtured and my body just responds so well.

What’s next on the horizon for Franc Essential?

A couple of things are on the horizon for Franc Essential.

1. Next month, Franc Essential is relaunching the Franc Vital, a Serum full of antioxidants to help reduce the appearance of those wrinkles and fine lines. It has wonderful plumping and softening effects and is for all skin types.

2. I am working closely with the Peter Hughes Burn Foundation and with Franc Essential products to support burns survivors. This is very exciting news. The burn survivors are finding that the products keep their skin and grafts really hydrated which they have not found in other products.


We thank Chantal very much for sharing with us her successful brand – now I feel a need to try out some Franc Essential products – don’t you?

Stockists – You can purchase Franc products online and be sure to check out your local stockists.

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