Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Faceblock

This tinted, super-emollient faceblock is free of chemical sunscreens to help prevent irritation of sensitized skin conditions. Formulated in a rich base to help protect against environmental moisture loss. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour.

I have fairly sensitive skin and using sunscreen on my face normally ends in disaster. Whether it be pimples, dry patches or greasy skin I usually just avoid sunscreen altogether and use a foundation that has included sun protection.

dermalogica faceblock

However I have been using this faceblock by Dermalogica with none of the above problems occurring. The sunscreen is so light that I don’t end up feeling chalky or oily. The texture is super smooth and I only need a small amount to get coverage. Containing a light tint you need not worry about the horrid white face some sunscreens give. The tint is subtle but enough that I don’t need a foundation or even powder over top.

So for the sensitive types like myself I suggest using this sun block. Just remember to apply regularly and re-apply after swimming and exercise – no one looks glam as a lobster.

50ml / RRP $43.00

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