Anathoth – Rhubarb and Red Berry Jam

You may remember that recently I came and told you about the Anathoth – Zucchini Pickle. Well in the course of my research I discovered that the New Zealand brand also make some quite interesting jams.

The second I saw the Rhubarb and Red Berry Jam I knew that I was going to buy some. Unfortunately for me that happened to be about the same time I rediscovered my fitness motivation.

Finally, while I did the weekly shop on the weekend – blissfully alone I will add for the simple fact that it is so rare – I searched out a tub of Anathoth Rhubarb and Red Berry Jam. Reasonably priced and well placed in the spreads aisle.

Since then I have had Rhubarb and Red Berry Jam sandwiches, Rhubarb and Red Berry Jam toast and Rhubarb and Red Berry Jam on Pancakes. Delicious, delectable, devilishly damaging to my health kick. Just the thought of it has me itching to go make some more Rhubarb and Red Berry Jam on toast.


Available in Woolworths and Coles across Australia and Safeway in Victoria this jam tastes just like homemade and I can tell you now it is definitely my new favourite.

Anathoth pride themselves on making products that ‘Taste just like homemade’ and this one certainly did. It is the thickest and densest jam I have tried in a long time, no runny syrupy bits and no sliding off the knife either. This jam is solid, spreadable and a glorious rich red colour.

While I’m talking about the no’s of the Anathoth jams how about these – No Preservatives, No added Pectin, No added Colour and Gluten Free.

There are 4 ingredients listed on the label of this jam – NZ Rhubarb, NZ Raspberries and strawberries and Sugar. That’s it!

Also please remember the pottles used by Anathoth to package their products in are completely reusable, recyclable, microwaveable, freezer safe and BPA free.

If you would like to find out more about this natural New Zealand brand they can be found on the net at:

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