Dream New Dreams

Author: Jai Pausch
ISBN: 978-0-7336-2840-5
RRP: $29.99

Jai Pausch has written a touching memoir that traces her experiences from the time of her late husband Randy’s diagnosis with pancreatic cancer in 2006. Randy is the author of The Last Lecture which seemed like it should sound familiar to me but it didn’t so I headed out into the world wide web to do some research and found myself caught up watching a Randy Pausch lecture on YouTube – but we won’t discuss it’s title at this point, oops.

Randy battled for 2 years before losing his battle and in that time Jai juggled the roles of primary caregiver to their three young children and caregiver to Randy. The couple strengthened their bonds to fight together, learning all that they could to afford Randy the best possible chances, through all of the obstacles and heartache.

Dream New Dreams is a testament to positive attitudes and being proactive. There are times you can sit back and hope things work out but there are situations where that attitude will be more than counter-productive. A positive attitude is possible, and necessary, to weather storms like the one faced by Jai and Randy Pausch.

dream new dreams

Jai shares her experience and advice in this deeply personal narrative which details the struggles facing the carers, the challenges posed and the importance of not forgetting yourself.

Dream New Dreams will appeal to the millions of fans who made The Last Lecture a bestseller as well as to everyone who has had to say goodbye to a loved one too soon. It’s about the goodbye and the journey to goodbye but it is also about the grief and the healing that comes after that, the moving forward, the sitting to take stock and build new dreams and make new plans out of the wreckage.

The writing style is concise and heartfelt, exploring the emotions as well as the practicalities that plagued this family throughout the battle and to a large extent will continue to affect Jai throughout her life.

Dream New Dreams, as the title suggests this is a book which most people will find some inspiration in. Dream New Dreams is a motto that all of us could use at times and one it would pay to remember. Even the hardest fought dreams are prone to change, the best laid plans can come undone and every occurrence in life changes something. Life is fluid which makes plans and dreams fluid, sometimes you have to embrace that to move forward to new dreams.

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