Is It Safe To Get Liposuction?  4 Things To Know

How do you want to get rid of stubborn tummy fat?  While a wide range of exercise routines is available to help people get rid of unwanted abdominal fat, many prefer to undergo a plastic surgery procedure called liposuction or liposculpture.  

You may have already read about and heard of liposuction several times and wondered if it’s safe to undergo this procedure. This liposuction-related article will explain the important things you need to know about liposuction, specifically tackling its safety considerations.

1. Laser Lipo Is Your Safest Option  

There are many types of liposuction, and one of them is laser lipo. Traditional lipo is more invasive than laser lipo, therefore, there’s an increased likelihood of trauma and bleeding. So, it’s no wonder why more people choose the minimally invasive type, laser liposuction. 

Laser lipo only removes unwanted fat and tightens the skin with the body-sculpting capability to unleash the body’s smooth and natural appearance. One popular laser lipo treatment is Smart Lipo, such as the Lumen Laser Center Smart Lipo, which uses gentle liposuction. Hence, it’s the safest option for patients who want to get rid of stubborn fat and improve their body contour. 

Check out the essential things you need to know about laser lipo to understand better why this procedure is your safest option: 

  • How It Works: The laser goes into the fat layer in the target area via a small tube or cannula. The heat that the laser emits softens the fat for easier removal from the body.  
  • Using Medical-Grade Lasers: Medical-grade lasers are powerful, melting the fat cells for easier suctioning. The lasers don’t damage the surrounding soft tissues, blood vessels, and nerves, causing less blood loss and risk for damage. 
  • Collected Fat As Fillers: One of the best things about laser lipo is using the fat as fillers for a facelift or butt lift procedure. Hence, patients planning to undergo these treatments don’t need to rely on silicone and other synthetic materials, ensuring their utmost safety. 

2. Liposuction Research And Development Have Advanced  

Liposuction is one of the world’s most common cosmetic procedures. It involves removing unwanted fat, which is usually a complementary procedure to abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Since this plastic surgery procedure was invented, research and development haven’t ceased, providing numerous studies that healthcare professionals and patients can use as reference.  

Liposuction has resolved the most common fat issues that people complain about, especially women who’ve developed stubborn fat in their tummy area, usually caused by pregnancy. With the advancements in liposuction, the recovery period for liposuction has dramatically decreased as well. 

In traditional liposuction, patients generally need a recovery period of about eight weeks, with noticeable minor swelling existing for six months. Patients who undergo laser liposuction, on the other hand, can return to their normal routines within a couple of days and observe expected outcomes within two months. 

Hence, many men and women consider laser liposuction a safe procedure that provides significantly faster results, improving their overall appearance and self-confidence in no time.  

3. Qualified Professionals Perform Liposuction 

Because liposuction is invasive, only qualified professionals should perform this medical procedure. The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology explains that specialists who commonly perform liposuction include cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, dermatologic surgeons, and gynecologists.  

These professionals have the right educational qualifications and training to perform liposuction. If you’re looking for a doctor to perform this cosmetic procedure, choose one with many years of experience in the type of liposuction you prefer. For instance, you might want to choose someone who’s been performing abdominal liposuction for many years, with a good track record based on reviews or testimonials. 

4. Liposuction Candidates Undergo Proper Screening  

Not everyone is a qualified candidate for liposuction treatment. Doctors screen candidates carefully to ensure that they’re fit to undergo the procedure. Otherwise, they may risk the patient’s life, as well as their careers. 

Good candidates for liposuction include the following: 

Candidates Within 30% Of Ideal Body Weight 

Healthy adults within 30% of their ideal weight, with good muscle tone, as well as firm, elastic skin are good candidates for liposuction. 

If you’re wondering about your ideal weight, you need to compute your body mass index. Divide your weight by your height squared. Hence, if you weigh 70 kg and your height is 165 cm or 1.65 m, your BMI is calculated as 70 ÷ (1.65)2 = 25.70 kg/m2. 

If the result of your BMI computation is less than 30, then you have an ideal weight and are eligible to undergo liposuction, alongside passing the other above parameters. People with a BMI between 31 and 35 can still be considered good candidates for liposuction. However, those who exceed these numbers may need to reduce their weight first. 

Healthy Adults 

People who don’t smoke and don’t have any life-threatening medical condition that can disrupt the body’s normal healing process can undergo liposuction. In addition, pregnant women or patients with blood-clotting disorders or severe cardiovascular problems shouldn’t undergo liposuction. Otherwise, the procedure may lead to life-threatening complications, such as excessive blood loss or hypovolemia. This complication may lead to shock or even death. 

Before the liposuction surgery, the patient needs to undergo a blood test, specifically a complete blood count (CBC), to check the hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. Doctors want to determine if there are signs of anemia before the surgery to reduce the risks of possible complications. 

Candidates With Positive Outlook 

Experts always remind patients that liposuction can’t help weight loss because this treatment is a body-contouring procedure. After the treatment, patients need to exercise and change their diet to reduce weight or avoid gaining additional weight.

Therefore, people with specific goals and a positive outlook for body contouring are ideal for liposuction treatment.  


Indeed, liposuction has become a popular cosmetic procedure because of its significant contribution to removing stubborn fat from various body areas, like the abdominal, arm, and leg areas.

With the advancement in research and development of the techniques and equipment used in liposuction, many people have peace of mind undergoing this treatment, boosting their confidence and overall health. Overall, liposuction is a safe plastic surgery, as long as it’s performed by a qualified doctor.

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