What are the top engagement ring trends?

We’ve asked jewellery experts to share insights into the 2022 engagement rings trends.

And they gladly spilt the beans, allowing us to post the list of top 10 designs you should keep an eye on this season. 

Art Deco. The Future is Here

The intricate detailing in Art Deco bands makes them pop, and gives them a pretty magnifying effect. And, the generous size preserves their integrity making them the ideal centrepiece.

Art deco looks soft and feminine against the skin. The downside? It is textured so the metal pieces can get caught on your clothes.

Solitaire with a Touch of Personalisation. Everything Old is New Again

Classic solitaire may not be new, but don’t rush to cross it off your list. Over the years, artisans have perfected the timeless setting and breathed new life into it. Hidden halos, accented galleries, sophisticated mountings, original engravings and curvy shanks – the possibilities are endless. You just have to figure out which one makes her heart sing.   

Bonus stones will personalise the ring; while, concave wavy lines will underline the gem’s enticing shape.

The great thing about solitaire is that it remains a fan favourite and matches all outfits.  

Bezel. Everything is Better Together 

Contemporary bezel mountings will remind you of simpler times. They consist of a thin metal strap hugged around stones to provide extra protection. Bezels are the first-choice for partners who appreciate practicality, and follow fashion trends.

Among all the mentioned mountings, this has recently appeared on the jewellery scene and gained a fan base due to its edgy appearance.  

Sometimes the beauty lies in little things, and that’s definitely true when it comes to bezels. The plain design doesn’t overwhelm but offers a range of options.

Halo. The Power Is in Numbers 

The Halo ring trend comes and goes. Despite the constant changes in the fashion industry, this design always finds its way back in. There is something about the mesmerising circle of diamonds that shoppers can’t shake off.  

If we are being fair, halos aren’t just attractive. The scattered tiny diamonds around a medium-sized gem cost significantly less than a 2-carat single stone. For a lower price, you can get unparalleled brilliance, doubled size and an impressive design.  

Toi et Moi. Two Lovers  

Toi et moi bands are forecasted to be the hit of the year. In 2021 they were already spotted on Hollywood’s hottest. As you may have figured from the name, toi et moi rings display two stones instead of one.

The gems are usually placed with a gap in-between, and it looks like they are gravitating towards each other. You could select one stone that reflects your personality and the other – your partner’s. 

There has been a huge swing towards oval-stone engagement rings. They give a slimming effect, so it makes sense that elongated shapes continue to be on trend.

Celebrities’ Crush. Emerald Cut 

By looking at the most expensive engagement rings in the world, we can guess that emeralds are a big deal.

The rectangular cut is renowned for its bold and daring vibe. The sharp corners and mirror halls effect with transparent depth represent avant-garde style.

Bands with emeralds are adored by people who enjoy living in the moment.

Three Stones Rings. Where Past, Present and Future Meet

Three stone rings probably have the most symbolism. They represent diverse phases of a couples’ journey.

Regarding the design, the three gems form a perfect symmetry and resemble a spring composition. They are a gorgeous accessory for women who prefer halos to the traditional solitaire.

Vintage Nostalgia 

Vintage rings for engagement dominated the scene in 2021. So, the style is set to stick around this year. With fashion trends returning to the old classics, it’s no wonder jewellery followed in its steps.

The exquisite ornaments and attention to detail are the style’s benchmarks. Plus, vintage rings are arguably the best pairings for coloured gems.  

Colour Diversity

Black, smokey and rainbow diamonds are having their moment too. Rings with off-beat colourful ensembles tell a couple’s story and show off their individualism.

If your better half complements her outfits with bright accents, you can’t go wrong with tinted brilliants.

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