Makita DML812 spotlight: work easier!

The Makita brand has long become the benchmark for the quality of power tools. The main feature of this company is advanced innovations and the pace of their implementation in their products.

This applies to both cordless power tools and conventional hand tools and accessories. One such useful piece of equipment is the Makita DML812 cordless spotlight.

Makita spotlight dml812 18V Li-ion Cordless LED Flashlight / Spotlight

Makita DML812 spotlight

Sometimes construction or repair work takes place in hard-to-reach and poorly lit places. In order to be able to continue to work productively, it is necessary to acquire quality lighting. This is where construction lights come to the rescue. Such professional spotlights have a more durable construction than their home counterparts.

They can withstand harsh weather and building conditions and deliver lights wherever needed without interruption. One of these units is the Makita torch dml812. Construction lamps of the Makita brand are presented in a wide range in the Power tools UK online store. Here you can order Makita torch dml812 at a bargain price

The Makita spotlight dml812 immediately catches the eye with a sturdy body and rubberized sheathing. All this makes it resistant to moisture, dust, and various types of debris. This building lamp has four working modes:

  • focusing beam
  • building lamp
  • focusing beam mode in conjunction with a construction lamp
  • stroboscope

Switching these modes is done with one button, lightly pressing.

Makita dml812 UK can be powered by one 18 volt lithium-ion battery. In total, the lamp has four sections of four diodes with a power of 1 Watt, as well as one large diode in the center with a power of 9 Watt. Makita spotlight dml812 allows for long-term localized lighting on construction sites.

Makita dml812 18v also has a set of features that come in handy when carrying it with you or attaching it to your tool belt:

  • Shoulder strap with two carabiners
  • Durable plastic hook
  • Adjustable tilt head
  • Comfortable grip handle and lightweight.

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