Getting Ready for Date Night: A Guide for Women

Getting ready for a date should be an exciting and enjoyable experience, but all too often it ends up becoming a period of increasing anxiety, worry, and some rushing around at the last minute. This puts you in a less than relaxed frame of mind and can have a big impact on the experience for everyone concerned.

Whether you are getting ready for a date with someone you know or taking a chance on a blind date, this guide will take you through some tips and tricks to ensure you feel as confident and relaxed as possible. 

Choose your outfit ahead of time

Do not leave your final outfit decision to the last minute as this is a sure way to create panic and stress, especially if you cannot find the clothes that you want to wear. Try on a few options before the day of the date, and make sure every item is clean so you can focus on enjoying the process of getting ready. 

Have a power nap

short nap of around 20 minutes can do wonders for your state of mind and energy levels, so if you can, try and switch off before getting ready so you feel refreshed and ready. 

Soak in the bath 

Run yourself a warm bath with some bath oils, candles, and relaxing music if you have time. You might even enjoy a glass of wine to get you in the mood but be sure to hop out before you fall asleep or your skin starts to wrinkle. 

Choose a relaxing scent

Scents have been proven to influence our mood and can even affect how attractive we are to other people, so choose your perfume carefully. Go for a scent that makes you feel at ease and will make you memorable to him, and, most importantly, be careful not to apply too much. 

Keep your makeup simple

Lots of women tend to overdo their makeup on a date because they want the additional protection and confidence it can provide. However, there is a fine line between makeup and warpaint.

The chances are that you look just as good if not better with only a minimal amount of makeup like a bit of mascara, lip gloss, and blusher, and you won’t be worrying about getting sweaty or running to the toilets for touch-ups every 20 minutes. 

Think about shoes

The shoes you wear are incredibly important, but what you choose should be influenced by the type of date. If you are heading to a restaurant for dinner, you may want to choose your sexiest, confidence-boosting heels as you probably won’t be walking very far.

However, if there is a chance you may have to move from place to place, or it is a more activity-based date, opt for comfort over style. 

Listen to a mood-boosting playlist

The music we listen to has a big impact on how we feel, so choose your getting ready playlist wisely. You should listen to whatever makes you feel good about yourself and optimistic about life in general. 

Remember, you’re awesome

You are not going on this date to impress the other person. You are going to meet someone new, find out more about them, form your own impression, and hopefully enjoy yourself. You do not need to pretend to be someone you are not or try to guess what they are looking for. Make the most of the experience, whether it leads to another date or not. 

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