6 Melbourne Mines to Hunt For Clothing Gold

Melbourne is without a doubt Australia’s cultural capital. The music, food and fashion on offer here surpass any other Australian city.

As a result, there are many amazing markets that you can find cheap treasures if you’re willing to have a dig. So you’re putting your best fashion foot forward, we’ve put together 6 Melbourne mines where you can hunt for clothing gold.

  1. Camberwell Market

Arguably the crème de la crème of secondhand clothing markets, Camberwell Market also has plenty of general treasures on offer to please all market goers. Catering for all budgets, you will be able to pick up some snazzy threads for a couple of dollars, all thanks to the people shedding their bulging closets. From antique homewares to designer fur coats to scented soaps to secondhand books – it’s all up for grabs at Camberwell Market. All of which can be enjoyed with the background music of a warbling busker.

  1. Coburg Trash and Treasure

As the name suggests, the Coburg Trash and Treasure Market is for people who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and sort through another person’s gear spilled out on a rug. Whether or not you’ve taken a stylist course, there is plenty of hidden gems waiting for the adventurous and creative bargain hunter. Expect everything from toys, games, clothes, jewellery, homewares, records, plants and more. If you’re excited by the prospect of finding a hidden gem (and actually willing to work for it) this mass Sunday garage sale at the Coburg Drive-In is for you.

  1. Fitzroy Market

With a friendly atmosphere and a good mix of homewares, clothing, jewellery, artisan designs and more, this local community-run gathering is a quiet market of 65 stalls. But however tiny it may be, Fitzroy Market has a big heart and raises funds for many organisations and charities. If you prefer smaller crowds to browse the makeshift aisles, you’ll find plenty of space here, with all the regular options of delicious food available.

  1. Greensborough Savers

It’s worth the long hike alone once you step inside the juggernaut that is Greensborough Savers. A massive warehouse filled with endless aisles of clothes, you will need to make sure you’ve had a big breakfast to tackle the task at hand. You will come out of a day’s shopping with a bagful of new threads, all for a tiny fraction of the retail price.

  1. Buy and sell groups on Facebook

Physical markets aren’t the only place you can find a bargain these days. Facebook has many online marketplaces and buy/ sell/ swap groups where you can find that missing item your closet has been looking for. For everything from furniture to clothes to plants to shoes, try Melbourne buy sell swap.

In this group, you can buy, sell or swap items with other group members. If you’re after some trendy, Melbourne-esque clothing, why not try Alternate clothes for sale Melbourne. Just be sure that you read each Facebook group’s buying/selling rules before engaging, otherwise you may find yourself ejected from the group!

So whether you’re on the hunt for some designer gems or you want that particular vintage item to complete your closet, you’ll be able to find it within Melbourne’s plethora of brilliant clothing markets.

Make sure you take cash and have the energy for a rummage, as the best finds often take time. Online or at a physical market, there are so many treasures just waiting to be found in Australia’s cultural capital – all you have to do is find them!

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