BOOK CLUB: The Astrid Notes

10 of our Beauty and Lace members are reading The Astrid Notes by Taryn Bashford. You can read their feedback in the comments section below, or contribute to the conversation with your own thoughts on the book. Review copies are courtesy of the publisher.

ISBN: 9781760552213
Format: Paperback
Imprint: Pan Australia

Astrid Bell 
Dutiful daughter. Classical singer. Secret pop songwriter. And suffering from stage fright.

Jacob Skalicky. 
Trust-fund kid. Indie singer. Immensely gifted performer. And refusing to sing again.

Are they polar opposites? In his grief and fury at the world, Jacob certainly thinks so.

But when Jacob loses everything and Astrid uncovers a shocking family secret, they may need each other to make sense of their lives.

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