The Unique Ways That You Can Keep Your Kids Active

We live in a society where obesity is at its highest. Especially in children. This is because many kids are not as active as they should be due to the evolution of technology and games. Years ago this never seemed to be a problem. As parents, it’s important to keep our kids active and healthy. But, let’s face it, it can be difficult to tempt them away from those video consoles and computers. 

It is important to embrace technology, but you also want to find the right balance. Which is why encouraging activities outside can be very beneficial to your children, but also for yourself to get rid off any guilt that involves them on video games too often. With that in mind, here are some of the unique and different ways you can encourage your kids to be a little more active. 

Reward charts

While being active and getting fit shouldn’t be a chore. It can certainly feel that way to your children. So an introduction of a reward system would be a good way to motivate your children to be more active. This could be stickers with younger ones or pocket money with older kids maybe. It could mean a new game for the dreaded console or a special prize. The idea being that the more active they are, the more they will enjoy. Up to a point where it becomes a decision for them to do something more active rather than sit on the couch. 

Encourage different things

Sometimes you need to be the instigator when it comes to encouraging your child to be a little more active, and competing up with suggestions might be the best way to ignite a bit of passion. It might be suggesting they go to a local community centre, where they can socialise, meet new people and evidently play together. It might be that you think joining a team would be good for them. Things like that can help them to look outside of their room and backyard and see that there are other things they can do. 


A competitive spirit can be something quite encouraging for kids and adults alike. So why not instill a bit into your daily lives. This might mean entering running or walking events as a family and setting yourselves a challenge to see who gets the fastest time. You could go one step further and buy medals and awards for different things. Not only does it get your children active but it could turn into a real family affair and the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together. 

Try something new

Sometimes you might find that what you think your children want to do won’t particularly interest them. Some boys are just not into American football or soccer just as much as some girls may not want to take up ballet. So allow them to try new things. Let them step out of their comfort zones and find something they enjoy. It will be much easier to keep them active this way. Again you may need to be the instigator with suggestions as children can be a little blinkered when it comes to figuring out what they may want to do. Research locally to see what activities are on and then let them try a few different ones. Often some sports might not have been on the radar for them, but turn out to be something they really enjoy. 

Make the most out of indoors

We don’t always get outdoor weather. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for your kids not to be active. So make the most of what you have inside. This could mean getting creative and creating indoor obstacle courses. Or dance competitions while watching music channels. All you need to do is check out websites like Pinterest and you will have an array of inspiration at your fingertips. 

Go back to basics

Years ago obesity and inactive kids weren’t a problem. What were those kids doing after school or at weekends? Riding bikes and climbing trees no doubt. So go back to basics yourself and encourage your kids to get active the old-fashioned way. Go on a bike ride or encourage them to climb a few trees. Perhaps suggest they build a den in the garden. Getting active doesn’t necessarily mean exercise in the simplest form. It’s just about being active on your feet and not sat at a desk looking at a computer. 

Let’s hope this has inspired you to get your kids more active. 

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