BOOK CLUB: The Book of Dreams

Author: Nina George
ISBN: 9781471182976
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: April 2019
Simon & Schuster
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

The Book of Dreams is the latest release by Nina George, author of the international bestselling The Little Paris Bookshop. I was interested just by looking at the striking cover, before I even discovered what the book was about.

This is a book that promises an emotional and thoughtful read, I look forward to hearing what our members thought.

Publisher’s Website Overview:

On his way to meet his son for the first time, hardened former war correspondent Henry Skinner is hit by a car after rescuing a child from drowning. He is rushed to hospital where he floats, comatose, between dreams, reliving the fairytales of his childhood and the secrets that made him run away in the first place.

His son, Sam, a thirteen-year old synesthete with an IQ of 144, waits at his father’s bedside. There he meets Eddie Tomlin, a woman forced to confront her love for Henri after all these years, and twelve-year old Madelyn Zeidler, another coma patient and the sole survivor of an accident that killed her family.

A heartbreakingly moving and unforgettable story about what love means – the exquisite stirrings of first love, the love between fathers and sons, friendship and family, life and death – and making peace with the past in order to find a future.

The Book of Dreams is published by Simon & Schuster and is available now where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading The Book of Dreams and I can’t wait to hear what our readers thought.

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