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In 2018 I participated in the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge for the 3rd year running (I think) and I set my tally at the same as I had in previous years. I planned to read and review 50 books by Australian Women Writers.

For the first time since I started participating I FAILED!!!! I also failed to meet my Goodreads Challenge which I am pretty sure I had set to 80 books and I only managed 78 but I think there must have been a couple not on Goodreads because I have a total count of 82 books. A number that is dropping each year.

Now, I can’t be too hard on myself because a lot changed for me in 2018. I went back to work, I took on a behind the scenes role at the challenge as the Crime Round-Up Editor and we grew the Beauty and Lace Book Club quite a bit. So I feel like I have to cut myself some slack.

My AWW Challenge total for 2018 wasn’t quite the 50 books read and reviewed that I was aiming for but according to the AWW Challenge books reviewed page I managed to review 41 books in 2018, though I did log another today that was read and reviewed in 2018 but will be in the 2019 tally.

According to my records I read 49 books by Australian Women in 2018 so it will be interesting to see which ones weren’t reviewed, or the reviews not logged. I know that I read 2 which I haven’t quite got around to reviewing, I’m sorry Rach…. it’s been on the to-do list for months. Lost Without You by Rachael Johns is still waiting to be reviewed, I read and loved that on release. I also have yet to review Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty.

The question is….. knowing that I have so much more going on as we go into 2019 do I keep my challenge total at 50 books to read and review or do I drop it a little because I couldn’t get there

We know that I love a challenge so I am going to aim for 50 books by Australian Women Writer’s read and reviewed in 2019.

I’ve put it out there and it’s about to be on the web for all to see so I guess that makes this my Challenge post for 2019 as well as my Challenge Completed post for 2018.

Thank you to everyone who reads my reviews and offers feedback, I love to hear it; especially on those days that I struggle to find the words or the faith in my words. It certainly helps me find motivation when I need it

Books Read for the AWW Challenge 2018

  1. What Is Fear – Casey L Pyne
  2. The Music of Us – Beck Nicholas
  3. The Last Days of Us – Beck Nicholas
  4. The Country Girl – Cathryn Hein
  5. Cake at Midnight – Jessie L. Star
  6. The Naturalist’s Daughter – Tea Cooper
  7. The Right Girl – Ellie O’Neill
  8. Grace on the Court – Maddy Proud
  9. The Family Next Door – Sally Hepworth
  10. P is for Pearl – Eliza Henry Jones
  11. A Place To Remember – Jenn J McLeod
  12. The Memories that Make Us – Vanessa Carnevale
  13. Water Under the Bridge – Lily Malone
  14. Birthright – Fiona Lowe
  15. The Last of the Bonegilla Girls – Victoria Purman
  16. Fool’s Gold – Fleur McDonald
  17. The Farmer’s Choice – Fleur McDonald (short story)
  18. You Wish – Lia Weston
  19. The Paris Seamstress – Natasha Lester
  20. Someone Like You – Karly Lane
  21. Bloodtree River – Sarah Barrie
  22. The Art of Friendship – Lisa Ireland
  23. Eleanor’s Secret – Caroline Beecham
  24. A Country Mile – Mandy Magro
  25. The Book Ninja – Ali Berg, Michelle Kalus
  26. Burning Fields – Alli Sinclair
  27. Hive – A.J. Bell
  28. A Month of Sundays – Liz Byrski
  29. The Trouble with Choices – Trish Morey
  30. We See The Stars – Kate van Hooft
  31. Return to Roseglen – Helene Young
  32. The Penguins are Coming – Meg McKinlay
  33. The Peacock Summer – Hannah Richell
  34. The Mulberry Tree – Allison Rushby
  35. On The Right Track – Penelope Janu
  36. Whitsunday Dawn – Annie Seaton
  37. The Lost Valley – Jennifer Scoullar
  38. The Right Place – Carla Caruso
  39. Sisters and Brothers – Fiona Palmer
  40. Dressing the Dearloves – Kelly Doust
  41. The Ones You Trust – Caroline Overington
  42. The Lost Pearl – Emily Madden
  43. Table For Eight – Tricia Stringer
  44. Nine Perfect Strangers – Liane Moriarty
  45. Lost Without You – Rachael Johns
  46. The Lost Man – Jane Harper
  47. On The Same Page – Penelope Janu
  48. The Wrong Callahan – Karly Lane
  49. Nature of the Lion – T.M. Clark

But I just managed to find two in the list on the AWW Challenge site that weren’t on my list..

The Busy Mum’s Guide to Weight Loss – Rhian Allen
Over is Out – Sarah Creagh

So I guess that means I just snuck it in with 51 books read for the AWW Challenge 2018.

2019 is going to see repeat appearances by many of those authors, some I already have booked in as Book Club reads so on that note I’m off to get stuck in.

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