How Moms Can Reclaim Their Beauty

Becoming a mother can take over your entire life. Perhaps for the first time, you understand what unconditional love is. Also, there is the fact that there is a tiny, helpless baby completely dependent on you for survival. It is easy for your entire identity to become “mom”.

The problem is that is not all that a mother is. She is still a vibrant, outgoing, and beautiful woman. Of course, it is easy for these parts of her to get lost in the fray. Still, mothers yearn to look good as well. Which is why their post-baby bodies can be a little alarming to deal with. Pregnancy and birth is a beautiful occurrence but can still take a toll on your body. When you add this to the fact that you just don’t have as much time as you did before, your physical appearance can slide.

Now, there isn’t anything wrong with this but it can have an impact on your mood and the way you evaluate yourself. After all, looking good can often boost your mood. Conversely, looking a little worse for wear can also make you feel downtrodden. If this is the case, it is time to reclaim your beauty. Your outer appearance is an important part of who you are and you shouldn’t have to neglect it just because you are a mother. So, how can you juggle motherhood and look sleek and sexy?

Make Time for Yourself

This may sound like an impossible task but it can be done… with a little bit of planning. First things first, make sure to take a shower every morning, preferably before your baby wakes up. It’s amazing how smelling like your favorite conditioner can put a spring in your step. Also make sure to moisturize, preferably your body as well as your face. For regular days, it is as easy as that. It may not seem like a big step but doing this on a regular basis will help you to feel more like an adult. If you can manage it, why not slap on some mascara and lip gloss too?

Make Some Permanent Changes

So, you’ve developed a paunch that refuses to go away regardless of how much you exercise or diet. Also, your breasts are decidedly closer to the floor than they were before. These changes alone can be enough to swathe yourself in oversized clothes for the rest of your life. Well, put them away and get a Scottsdale mommy makeover instead. These will help to fix your tummy issues and your breasts in a more permanent way. It will feel as though you have gotten your pre-baby body back.

Dress to Impress

Is your wardrobe still largely made up of maternity clothes? Or do you refuse to give up your favorite pair of leggings and t-shirt? Worse still, do you have a pair of mom jeans in your closet? If any of these statements apply to you, you need a new wardrobe. Start with a few basics such as a well-fitting pair of pants, a cute dress, and some nice tops. You can slowly build it up from that. The internet is filled with so many tutorials that help you. Learn anything you want from how to wear red lipstick to how to accessorize that dress you love so much. Take time to learn and you will look and feel better.

None of these solutions are necessarily easy. However, they will help you feel better about yourself and remind you that you still can look as lovely as you want.

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