The Betrayals which are as Bad as Cheating

When we talk about betrayals that can damage your relationships, cheating is the first thing that comes to mind. But, sugar on the side is more likely to lead to inevitable end. Moreover, affairs often lead to a rapid end to romantic relationships. Still, there are small betrayals that work as a slow-killer of romance.

The most sinister aspect of those slow-killers is that we may be doing them everyday without even noticing them. So, without further ado we advise you to check out the list of betrayals that while being small, can be as damaging as cheating.

1. Putting yourself and your interests first

While relationships are about partnership, a lot of people tend to forget. You need equality, so you must be able to put the needs and wants of your partner first. And it is not just some duty that you have to do, to keep your partner happy. Putting your partner’s interests first is the manifestation of your understanding who your partner is, and your ability to care for them.

If you start putting yourself and your interest above your partner, your relationships will face gradual decline. You shouldn’t sacrifice yourself in for partner’s sake. Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of people view relationships. What you need is to work together, and have mutual respect, unfortunately it is impossible if you focus only on yourself.

2. Little lies

Every lie, no matter how small, can be damaging. You violate your partnership when you start lying, even about the most stupid things. Even if you lied that you would be late because you’re busy, while in reality you overslept, you are getting closer to ruining your partner’s trust in you. It works simply, if you feel the need to lie about something meaningless, you are more likely to lie about something much more significant. Relationships are built on trust, and even the smallest lie can be the first step to destroying it.

3. Emotional Cheating

You partner is the person with whom you should have the strongest emotional connection. Your relationships won’t last long, if it’s not that way. Emotional affairs are not the same as physical affairs, but can be even more damaging. If you have a stronger emotional connection with one of your friends, it means you’ll have problems with trusting your partner. Sooner or later you’ll have to choose between your friends and your partner, and it can be a painful experience.

4. Not Standing up for your partner

You must work as a team in your relationships, and not standing for your partner can lead to an inevitable end. Whenever somebody tries to hurt or make fun of your partner, you must stand for them. Otherwise, your relationships are useless.

5. Taking your partner for granted

All the situations mentioned above are possible when you’re taking your partner for granted. Relationships require working on them, and when you stop trying to be carrying and romantic, you start taking your partner for granted. As a result, your partner is most likely to grow cold, and your relationships will end.

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