Mother’s Day: Endless Candles in Ginger Bread

Candles are one of our favourite gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Today we have a feature of a lovely Australian brand called Endless Candles.

Our scent of choice is Ginger Bread, it doesn’t matter what season it is…this smells delicious!

This is a limited edition candle which comes in a pure copper jar. This candle creation ticks all the boxes – it smells nice and looks even better.

The candle will burn for up to 60 hours, but it is important to note you shouldn’t leave it any longer than 3 hours at a time. These are handcrafted in the Southern Highlands of Australia, so when you make a purchase you will be supporting a local business.

This is a brand who cares about the environment. Their candles are made from soy waxes and sustainable palm oil. They use essential oils to fragrance their products and the wicks are lead-free, pure cotton.

This is a 300g design and has an RRP of $44.50

Purchase your Endless Candles Ginger Bread Candle before they run out!


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