Interview: Guy Brown (Mammals)

Mammals have just announced an East Coast tour to celebrate the launch of the new EP ‘Chase Your Bliss’. The tour kicks off June 16th and in the lead up we got to find out a little bit more from Guy Brown.

Hi Guy, welcome to Beauty and Lace. Thanks for talking to us.

Hey hey, thanks for having me.

When did you start writing music?

When I was in about year 8 or 9 I’d say! Every holiday I would head down the South Coast with my family. I met a very special person who was (and I’m sure still is) an amazing song writer called Aaron Wales. I was so captivated by his stories and guitar style that I started teaching myself the guitar and writing cheesy songs about time and really tough things that 14/15 year olds have to deal with like lunch money or not being allowed dessert if I don’t eat my veggies.

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?

Yes I do! It was all very emo stuff. I use to keep all my lyrics in a folder that scarily enough should still be somewhere around. A memorable song did eventually come about that seemed to resonate with a lot of my friends. Some of my fondest memories are just chilling with my close mates jamming those early tunes with a few guitars and buckets or beer bottles for percussion.

How would you describe your sound?

Personally that’s a tough one to define. Behind the music that is out there are around 50-100 demos that will never see the light of day, all different styles and genres. I guess at this stage Mammals sound is ‘Electronic Indie Chill Escapism with dark undertones.

The new EP is Chase Your Bliss, can you tell us about it?

Chase Your Bliss is a collection of moments and expressions of the person I am. Perspectives change over time, as well as feelings and musical taste. Some of the tracks are a method for me to unwind and meditate, for example Cruise, “Forget everything that’s on your mind, it’s all right”. Others such as ‘Ghosts’ are an exploration of the darkness inside all of us.

I guess the lead single Chase Your Bliss speaks for itself. I was working and partying myself out and got so over the city. I have lost a lot of close friends throughout my life so I’ve realised you have to make the most of everything and everyday. That’s what I tried to explain to the listener. Get out there. Do it! Travel, live your life – “Chase Your Bliss!”

Invertebrate is the lead track, what’s the song about?

Invertebrate is an evolving journey into a bleak, empty void. Sometimes I try to imagine what nothing would be. No black, no space, no existence. It’s a pretty scary thought.

The musical textures are inspired from a trip that I had in Amsterdam. I went so deep and was spiralling through my bed into this fluid swirling vortex. It was pretty intense and amazing but probably wouldn’t want to experience that twice. I wanted to make the song a soundtrack. The themes may tend to be a bit dark but I still find there is so much beauty and raw power in it. It’s such an enjoyable moment to play live.

Can you tell us a little about the clip for Invertebrate, what was the inspiration and where was it shot?

The Director, Simon Lister is a very good friend of mine. A well traveled man, excellent Photographer and Film maker. Having shot for National Geographic and UNICEF, I was aware that he had some amazing footage up his sleeve. We came up with the concept of the drone shots which he then took to the next level of inverting it all which was perfect! It’s other worldly. Exactly what we wanted. The footage is from Mongolia and Namibia. Places I would love to visit with more gravity and the right way up.

You have an East Coast tour coming up, what can audiences expect?

The ride of a life time! Confetti, Fireworks, Lazers, no no, Sharks with Lazer-beams attached to their heads. Levitating and.. and.. free stuff or pay rises and extra holidays for everyone who attends.

Maybe I’m stretching the truth a little. Hopefully a really good night with some lush music for your ears. We are just locking in the supports now which is exciting! Tell your mum, maybe even bring her along. It’s going to be rad!

What’s next for Mammals?

Evolution and Natural Selection. Lol. I have been writing plenty of new music and worked with some very talented people. Dare say there might be a new release on the horizon. I’ll be hitting the studio in Melbourne this month. In between finishing that I’ll be looking forward to plenty of shows down the line and Colabs.

What’s been your career highlight to date?

It would always have to come down to live experiences. We have been fortunate enough to tour with some amazing bands like ‘Of Monsters and Men’ and recently ‘Vera Blue’ playing at amazing venues. But at the end of the day there is nothing more rewarding than hearing someone say they enjoy your music and performance. It’s all about the human connection.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

I’d love to be playing some shows abroad and surfing along the way. We have yet to play outside of Australia so lets bring it on! On second thought, closing a few festivals here and there and hanging out with Thom Yorke would be cool too. Maybe even screening Kanye West phone calls would be dope. Ahaha

Thanks for your time and good luck with the tour.

No no, Thank you! Come along to the show peeps! I’ll buy you a beer.

To check out Mammals on their East Coast tour check out the tour dates below:

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