4 Ways A Necklace Can Show Your Personality

Necklaces, we all love them. Whether it is a subtle chain to go with a light dress or a statement necklace that becomes the focus of the outfit, there is a type out there for everyone. But, what if the statement you want to make, is showing off a little of your personality? Here are four ways what you wear around your neck can give an insight into who you are.

Birthstone necklace

Your birth month, a quick step into owning a necklace that is a bit more individual. There are plenty of different types of birthstone jewelry. You can choose to have one with a small stone of the color, right through to an actual piece of the stone itself. This is perfect if you want something that is a piece of you, but not obviously so unless people know you well. If you want to include family, some websites let you pick a few different stones to have on the chain.

Two Part Necklaces

Best friends. Partners. Sisters. These are all close relationships that you might want to symbolize with a piece of jewelry. You can get a personalized two half of a heart necklace, with names or a statement to carry around with you. If your preference is not to have writing, there are jigsaw pieces, Ying Yang styles, or even a lock and key necklace. They all show a symbol of closeness. This can be helpful if there is a bit of distance between you – there are many ways to stay connected with family or friends who are far away, an extra bonus on that weekly Skype chat would be to see them wearing the other half of the necklace you have on.

Infinity Necklace

Who knew a mathematical representation of never-ending would be so popular? An infinity symbol can mean different things to different people. Life has a lot of possibilities. If you have overcome a lot in your life, wearing an infinity necklace can show there are numerous ways and means of putting a positive spin on circumstances that may not be ideal. It can show the endless meaning of love, so to have an infinity necklace with a name of someone special to you can be a unique way to remind you of them, every day.


Lockets are probably one of easiest ways to represent yourself. There is the traditional style – with an intricate design on the front, that opens up to show 2 pictures – see this post on how they can bring something extra to a special day. A more modern take on the locket is a type with a glass or clear front piece.  These lockets can have multiple birthstones inside them, which ties into the top of this post. For that extra level of uniqueness, you could get little charms instead – pick a few that have the most meaning to you and always wear them close to your heart.
Any one of these can help you express who you are through jewelry, pick your favorite!

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