10 Quirky Things You Didn’t Know You Could do with a Balloon

Balloons. Most of us just blow them up and tie them in a bunch of three to sit colourfully in the corner. We may even use them for party games and try to pop them for fun. But, did you know there are many more interesting and quirky things you can do with the typical old balloon?

After doing my research, I have found 10 quirky things you didn’t know you could do with a balloon:

Make a Stress Ball.

We all get a little stressed sometimes and there is nothing quite as soothing as having something squishy in your hands. You can make a colourful stressball using balloons: Here is how.

Paper Mache.

Kids love paper mache, and balloons work well as the base. If you are feeling particularly creative, use a balloon to form a puppet head or to create a homemade piñata for the next birthday party. You can make paper mache craft using balloons: Here is how.

Make a string basket.

While this is an effective Easter project, it is something which can be done year round. Using string and a balloon you can create a unique looking basket – and this actually works. You can make a string basket using balloons: Here is how.

Dip it in chocolate.

Chocolate is always a hit for obvious reasons, and you can make your very own edible chocolate bowl with the help of a balloon. With endless design and size possibilities – you can have your bowl and eat it too. You can make a chocolate bowl using a balloon: Here is how.

Freeze Them.

This project uses frozen water balloons which will help to keep your drinks cool while adding some colour to your table. Particularly handy for a hot day, just try not to throw them at anyone as they are likely to hurt! You can make frozen balloons: Here is how.

Make them static.

While most of us know this trick, it can provide fun for kids while acting as a science experiment. Learning and fun – now that is an activity worth blowing up a balloon for. You can make balloons static:  Here is how.

Water fight!

Once again this isn’t anything new, but you can’t have a quirky balloon list without a good old water fight. Fill them up with water and hide, duck and throw. You can have a water fight with balloons: Here is how.

Make a celebration Wreath.

For an unusual celebration decoration, you can make a wreath using balloons – no blowing required. You can make these as gifts or to brighten up your home. You can make a celebration wreath out of balloons: Here is how.


How do you turn a boring pair of thongs (flip flops) into something much more fun? With balloons! This is an affordable craft project for kids, and something they can wear with pride. You can use balloons to accessorise: Here is how.

Dip them in glitter.

Balloons are a staple for any party, and with the help of glitter you can add some extra sparkle to your decorations. The following tutorial explains how to dip balloons in glitter, but you can also place glitter inside for a different effect. You can dip balloons in glitter for your next party: Here is how.

There were 10 quirky things you didn’t know you could do with a balloon. Have you tried any of these or have we missed a quirky balloon project? Let us know in the comments section below.

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