Reading Wrap-up for October

Wow, where is the year going? I can’t believe another month is over. That last one went so quick that I nearly completely forgot my wrap-up. Thanks to 1girl2manybooks at All The Books I Can Read for the original inspiration and thanks to Anna for reminding me it needed to be done.

I can’t believe this will be my 5th wrap-up, and I really should have started doing it sooner because checking out my On This Day on my Facebook feed and it’s been over 6 years since I started reading and writing for Beauty and Lace. Where does the time go….

Total Books I read in September: 9
7 Female authors/ 2 Male author
2  Children’s books
7 Fiction novels
6 print/ 3 digital
Books in a series: 2
5 stars on Goodreads: 2
4 stars on Goodreads: 5
Books that qualify for AWW2016: 5


The increasing trend only just made it back on track in October because of the two picture books I read for the Christmas Gift Guide. Not all of the Gift Guide books will make it into my wrap-ups because I don’t always read them cover to cover, so they don’t count. Without the picture books my total would have decreased again, but I did have a pretty big month. We headed over for a family holiday to meet my new nephews, one in the ACT and one in NSW, and that does create issues with reading time because I was so busy catching up with family. I also have a toddler who has decided that nude is his favourite look so I’m forever chasing him to try get a nappy back on which is definitely messing with getting anything done.

It has also been the start of the Gift Guide so I will be spending more time working on that which will affect my reading. All in all I’m not expecting November to be much better numbers wise.

Book Club reads in October were It Was Only Ever You and Faithful, most of the reviews for which are now in and it seems that our readers enjoyed the books as much as I did.

My favourite for October is a hard one to pick, I enjoyed all the books and for different reasons. I can’t pick a favourite, the choices were too good, and I can’t pick a least favourite either.

Three digital reads for the month, two of them are books in a series that are predominantly released electronically and The Grazier’s Wife which has been hanging around for months as it was a NetGalley download that had file issues. I do have a couple of new electronics on my device so I hope to get to them in November. I have the next Nicki Edwards and a Katie McGarry which was only released electronically and is quite old but it’s the only one of hers I haven’t read so had to go get it.


Anticipated reads for November, that’s always something I struggle with; partly because I’m not sure what will arrive on my desk and partly because there is so much to choose from. The new Anna Romer is one I have just started and that was high on my wishlist, there’s also a new Tricia Stringer and a new Karly Lane coming up that I look forward to. I also bought myself a new book when I attended the launch of The Three Miss Allens in Adelaide by the talented and delightful Victoria Purman which is The Good People by Hannah Kent and I really look forward to that.

What have you read and loved this month?

Book List with Review Links:
The Grazier’s Wife
Blaze A Trail
Sapphire Falls
The Family Secret
It Was Only Ever You

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