Heartfelt Gift Ideas

We often give gifts which are impersonal because we are time poor or stuck for ideas, but choosing something a little more sentimental doesn’t need to be difficult. Thinking about something based on their personality type or interest is the first step in ensuring a heartfelt gift.

Something homemade is always going to be special, because we all know it is the thought and effort that counts. Handmade and heartfelt go hand in hand, but you still have to make sure it is something they would be interested in. Some of the more common homemade gifts include food, soaps, candles, sewn or knitted items or cards. If someone has ever taken the time to create you something from scratch, you will know it is something you will remember.

Jewellery is something they will cherish, and if it is good quality it will last and last. Michael Hill have a lovely selection of jewellery to suit any budget, my top pick is the Leaf Pendant in Yellow Gold as it is appears delicate but looks stunning with any outfit. When choosing jewellery as a gift, make sure you research their metal, taste and any sizing requirements. You don’t want to invest in a ring when they aren’t a ring person, so look for signs to help you make the right choice.


Photos are a traditionally sentimental gift, and there is a good reason why. Photos keep those treasured memories alive and can be kept a lifetime. Photo gifts have come a long way since the picture in a frame – you can have mugs, mousepads, cushions, canvases and numerous other items adorned with your favourite shot. If you have children, giving photo gifts of your little ones to their grandparents is an easy gift idea which will always be cherished. For those who would like to combine this with the handmade gift idea, decorate your own frame for a little personality.

Something practical that they have had their eye on, is not such an unthoughtful gift. While people say never buy a woman vacuum cleaner for Christmas, if she has been complaining about her beat up old dust buster – a new Dyson may actually be a winner. Keep your ears tuned for random comments about things they wish they had, because a new chopping board or quilt cover set may be the gift of the year.


A snuggly gift is something they probably wouldn’t purchase themselves and is something just for them. Think a new set of pjs, an oversized mug with hot chocolate and cookies or a new pair of slippers. You can make this even more special by pairing a nightie with a pamper box filled with face masks, nibbles, magazines, DVDs and anything else for the perfect relaxation evening.


Vouchers are impersonal, but not if they are personalised! These are particularly good if you are short of cash but still want to give a gift with heart. These are gifts children can give to their parents, such as a voucher for a weeks worth of dishwashing, floor mopping or weeding. Partners can give massage vouchers, car washing or meal cooking. Think about something they have to do, and give them a break when they feel like it.

These are just a few heartfelt gift ideas, if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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