How to make your room Cozy

Home is our refuge from the world, so it’s important to make it comfortable and cozy. Sometimes it’s hard to know the best ways to make a room feel welcoming, especially if there are elements that are out of your control.

However, we have some tips that are easy, fun to do and can help amp up the coziness factor of your room.

Choose the right lighting

Good lighting will help you set the mood and feel of each room, as most spaces have a different purpose.

For instance, your living room needs to be suitable for entertaining a group of people, an intimate family gathering, a quiet night in and a comfy spot to curl up and read; not to mention a great space for the children to play, (in my house anyway). So you really need to have lighting that is up to the task of catering for all those situations. A couple of strategically placed floor lamps, a table lamp or two and ceiling lights with a dimmer would be very inviting. A neat tip is also to change your light globes to those that offer ‘warm’ light instead of cool.

The most important part of lighting any room for me is the ability to curl up somewhere comfy and read, so lamps are a great option. I can light my corner while allowing everyone else a dim room for quality TV time.

If you are having a hard time to figure out which kind of lighting will suit your needs, you can visit lighting stores such as Urban Lighting for tips, advice and recommendations from lighting experts.


Choose the right colours

 Colours, just like lighting, can have a major impact on the feel and mood of a room. Cooler colours make a room seem larger and airier while warmer colours make a room seem smaller, cozier and more inviting.

A large room could be completely painted in a warm colour. However, if you have a smaller space, you don’t want to make it seem too boxed in so warm colours would make for great accents, just not on walls.

Accessorize the room

Accessories can also bring a cozy feel to a room. Think of textured rugs, throw rugs and cushions. All of these are elements that call out to be curled up on and under for a session with a book or a movie. The easiest way to warm up a chilly winter afternoon or evening is to snuggle up under a blanket with a warm cuppa and your choice of entertainment.

Greenery is a lovely way to make a room feel welcoming, as long as you have the right light for the plant to thrive. For high ceilings, they may appear to be lowered when tall plants are placed in the corners.

The walls of any room are a huge feature and they can change the feel of a room dramatically depending on how they are utilised. A two-tone paint job can bring down a high ceiling, artwork hung lower on the walls can also bring the ceilings down, while my personal favourite choice for wall adornment is a personal touch. Family photos, framed and hung, make a personal feature and keep you surrounded by loved ones; what could be better than that? Family artwork is also a big hit for me. Prime position on my wall at the moment is a handprint canvas bringing my kids together in one spot, soon to be joined by the canvas signed by friends and loved ones for my birthday.

The way you make your room cozy is a very personal choice, and will depend heavily on whether or not you are a minimalist. The main thing is to have fun with how you decorate and make it a place that you love to be.

Happy decorating!

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